Mobarakeh Steel is a helper of health defenders and supporters of the people in the fight against the corona virus

Mohandes Azimian, CEO of Mobarakeh Steel, regarding the actions of the Steel Company against Covid 19 disease, said: “Mobarakeh Steel Company, at the same time with the outbreak of this disease in the country, planned and operated its actions in two parts inside and outside the company.”

According to the economic observation and quoted by Young Radio, the CEO of Mobarakeh Steel, noting that about 20,000 people work as personnel and contractors in Mobarakeh Steel Company, said: “The daily presence of employees in various departments, receiving the required materials and services from Mobarakeh Steel.” About 60% of the country, as well as the delivery of Mobarakeh steel products to all parts of the country, make it mandatory that health practices be fully observed in the cycle of this large complex. Otherwise, Mobarakeh Steel will become a hub for the spread of the virus.

Emphasizing that the protection of manpower in Mobarakeh Steel is very important, especially in the current situation, the CEO of Mobarakeh Steel said: “Fortunately, with the planned arrangements, the production lines are operating as strongly as possible, without any Employees face serious risk.

Mr. Azimian further emphasized that Mobarakeh Steel has been a helper of health defenders and supporters of the people with the outbreak of Corona virus, from allocating 100 billion Tomans from the company’s budget to equip hospitals and treatment centers in Isfahan and some low-income areas of the country to purchase equipment needed to treat patients. He informed about Corona disease and said: Mobarakeh Steel, in order to fulfill its social responsibilities, has allocated the required funds only for the purchase of equipment such as ventilators, detergents, disinfectants, masks and so on.

He also announced that Mobarakeh Steel provided free oxygen to hospitals under the auspices of the University of Medical Sciences until the end of coronary heart disease and said: “As soon as we learned of the coronavirus and as soon as we learned, some profiteers in the process of providing oxygen to patients admitted to hospitals We have taken action with the coordination of this university; So far, 60 hospitals from about 20 provinces, including Isfahan, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari, Yazd, Tehran (Tehran University of Medical Sciences and Iran University of Medical Sciences and Social Security Hospitals), Qazvin, Golestan, Mazandaran, Kurdistan, Arak, Fars and Qom, need oxygen. They have received Mobarakeh Steel for free and this process will continue until the end of this year. Meanwhile, Mobarakeh Steel’s action to deliver oxygen to hospitals was implemented as a model among other steelmakers and oxygen producers in the country.

In another part of his speech, the CEO of Mobarakeh Steel stated: Mobarakeh Steel also paid attention to low-income students at the same time as the reopening of schools with the cooperation of relevant organizations, including the Imam Khomeini Relief Committee, by purchasing and distributing 1,600 tablets.

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