Mobarakeh Steel’s 9-Month Report Will Be Excellent / Parliamentary Marginalities Concern Mobarakeh Steel Shareholders

With a strategic and long-term view, Mobarakeh Steel executives in the General Assembly have allocated a significant part of the company’s profit to development projects, such as Hot Rolling 2.

In an interview with ILNA, Yousef Aslani, a capital market analyst, said that the price of slabs and hot rolled sheets in Iran’s steel industry has risen significantly in recent months. Also, the situation of the half dollar is in favor of export-oriented companies. Given the production of the Corona vaccine and the prospect of an end to the epidemic, there will certainly be new demand in global markets in addition to the previous accumulated demand, so the outlook for Mobarakeh Steel will be very good.

Regarding the fundamental value of Mobarakeh Steel, Aslani said: “Mobarakeh Steel managers, with a strategic and long-term view, have allocated a significant part of the company’s profit to development projects, such as Hot Rolling 2, in the General Assembly. They have also completed the production chain, which has greatly enhanced the company’s core value. Mobarakeh Steel is currently one of the companies in the stock market that has very acceptable assets and the financial capacity of this company is very high.

The capital market analyst continued: “Mobarakeh Steel has many shareholders in the stock market and is one of the major indicators of the capital market, and the positive or negative price of it in the stock market has a significant impact on the overall index.” Despite the fact that the price of this share is in the range of 1400 Tomans this year, but the goal of this share is to reach the price of 2800 to 3000 Tomans.

Aslani emphasized in the end: “Certainly, the 9-month financial report of Mobarakeh Steel in Kadal will be a very good and special report.” Unfortunately, marginal news, such as the parliamentary investigation of Mobarakeh Steel or the orderly pricing by the Ministry of Silence, disrupts the growth of Mobarakeh Steel and its price growth on the stock exchange, and worries the company’s shareholders on the stock exchange. Were it not for the marginalization of the parliament and the Ministry of Silence, Mobarakeh Steel would have a very good outlook, both in terms of sales and the growth of its stock value on the stock exchange.