Mobile line at all prices! / Rand Mobile number 3 billion Tomans

According to Tejarat News, the purchase of a mobile line starts with a prefix number of 10 to 20 million Tomans. If the number of rand numbers is higher, the price will also increase. The higher the numbers, the higher the price.

The price is 120 million Tomans and 215 million Tomans for two lines that have several rands. But the prices are completely different for Hayes numbers, which are mirror rands, or binaries, step ratios, millennial rands, regular rands, and so on.

These are the prices listed on the Rand line buying and selling sites. But if you want a more expensive SIM card, they will probably connect you to an expert.

The price of the 09121113040 SIM card is two billion tomans. Another seller sells another similar rand number for about one and a half billion tomans. The SIM card is not zero but it is zero. That is, it does not rust. It has a history of at least 20 years and is one of the oldest telecommunication numbers. WhatsApp, Telegram and Instagram numbers are not active on it either. The seller says he has bought the number and turned it off for at least three years.

But are there more expensive numbers? The seller of the 1.5 billion SIM card says that this is the ultimate market price. Unless the number is very specific and random. But for special customers, the number one and a half billion tomans is enough.

But another seller has a number of three billion. He says it is more efficient. But it does not announce the number.

30 billion numbers

Another vendor explains that the number of very specific and completely random numbers is not very large. Finally 5 to 6 numbers. We do not have it, but if it is, it is between 30 and 40 billion tomans.

This is what another salesperson says. 7 numbers one or 7 numbers two is about 30 to 40 billion tomans. That is equivalent to a house in areas one and two of Tehran. This means that the holders of this SIM card can buy a house by selling their SIM card.

Or, for example, a 500 million SIM card is equivalent to the price of a car. A Rand SIM card seller wrote on his Twitter account that he sold his Rand SIM card for 120 million and rented a house.

Another respondent wrote that they have priced the rand line at 500 million tomans but have not sold it yet. Some people say that they sold their rand line 5 years ago for about 20 million tomans, but now they are selling the same number for one billion tomans.