Mohammad Isfahani reacted to the rumors of his immigration + Photo

Mohammad Isfahani, by publishing a picture of himself in Tehran, implicitly denied the news of his emigration abroad.

Mohammad Mehdi Vaezi, better known as Mohammad Isfahani, was born on July 5, 1976. Mohammad Isfahani is a physician, singer, and Iranian pop and traditional composer in Tehran. Mohammad Isfahani graduated from Iran University of Medical Sciences in 1997. Mohammad Isfahani studied Iranian music using the school of Mohammad Reza Shajarian and Ali Jahandar.

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Mohammad Isfahani implicitly put an end to rumors about his immigration by posting an Instagram post.

In this post, he posted a photo with a specific date and wrote: ‌ “I do not remember what you asked for

Other than you, it’s not because of me

I am a captive chicken

Although you can not kill me

The kind that did not create me

If I try, I will not succeed

I think look around the world

I can not imagine anything but your memory … Photo in Azadi Square on January 29, 2009 »

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