“Monster Hunter” topped the box office

movie The Wonder Woman 1984 sold $ 18.8 million at the Chinese box office last week, with total box office sales reaching a disappointing $ 38.5 million. The first installment of the film sold $ 38 million at the box office in the first week alone, eventually selling $ 90 million.

China is one of the few countries where there are signs of a return to normalcy, but the box office is still down 30 percent from last year. In addition to “Wonder Woman 1984,” the Chinese action film “Salvation” also sold $ 36 million, which was much lower than expected.

“Wonder Woman 1984” was supposed to be one of the most important screens in the United States at the end of the year, but with the increase in the number of people with coronavirus Warner Bros. decided to release the film on December 25 on HBO Max. Warner Bros. recently announced that it will release all of its 2021 films, including “Sandcastle” and “The Matrix 4,” simultaneously on HBO Max and in theaters.

In North America, “Monster Hunter” topped the list with $ 2.2 million. The film, adapted from a video game, cost $ 60 million to make and looks set to fail.

Animation “Cavemen: A New Age”, which topped the charts for several weeks in the absence of any competitors, dropped to second place at the box office with a $ 2 million ticket sale. Another new film released this week, “Fatal,” starring Hilary Swank, also came in third with sales of less than $ 1 million.

Given the growing number of cases of coronary heart disease, it is unlikely that more cinemas in the United States will reopen in the coming weeks, but films such as “Promising Young Woman” and “World News” will be released in the coming weeks.