Monthly production of 1.5 million doses of Iranian corona vaccine within the next 3 weeks

According to Tejarat News, Mohammad Mokhber said at the beginning of the human testing of the Iranian corona vaccine: “The production of the corona vaccine in Iran is the product of a working group and close cooperation between the Ministry of Health, the Vice President for Science and the brave scientists of the country.” It is unique and will go down in the history of the country.

He added: “Without such a group cooperation, we would never have achieved such a great achievement.” Of course, the executive headquarters of Imam Khomeini (RA) has been with the Ministry of Health since the first days of the outbreak of corona in Iran. We had the first cooperation meeting on the night of the parliamentary elections, and I informed Mr. Namaki that any assistance needed was needed by the Executive Headquarters of the Imam (as) in the service of the Ministry of Health.

He continued: “In the first days of the outbreak of this disease, we had many problems and it was even difficult to provide disinfectants or ventilators in the country, but today not only do we not have these problems, but during this period we were able to cure any drug that has the least chance of cure.” 19 We have to produce in the country in two to three weeks and we did not let the country get into trouble.

The head of the executive staff of Imam Khomeini’s order said: “Even now, with the 24-hour efforts of Iranian scientists and the support and encouragement of Ms. Mehrz, we have been able to produce the first corona vaccine in Iran, and we will do our best to develop this path.”

The informant emphasized: “In addition to the vaccine, which entered the phase of human clinical study today, we are following six other ways to produce the vaccine. I thank God that these scientists acted in this direction with the efforts of 24 hours a day.” Of the six pathways we are following, in addition to the vaccine that began today, the other three pathways are in the same stages.

He added: “We really have to thank the team of the Ministry of Health who acted with courage and confidence.” Fortunately, this has been done. It is one thing to produce the vaccine in the laboratory, and it is another to solve the problem of the people in the field of vaccines. We started these measures from the first days, and today, our dear nation, remember that in the field of vaccination, with the brave scientists of the country, the country will definitely not have any problems in terms of vaccines. At present, we have the ability to design and produce 1.5 million doses of Corona vaccine per month in Iran for the next two or three weeks.

He continued: “The equipment that is brought and connected, some of which can be provided in-house, allows us to produce more than 12 million doses of vaccine per month.” Certainly, if we get to this point, we will no longer have anything called a vaccine problem. We hope that with God’s help we can carry out these actions.

Source: ISNA