Murder of wife and child by shooting

According to Eqtesadonline, quoting Iran; The investigation into this shocking crime began on the night of the last Wednesday of 1999 following a bloody clash in one of the neighborhoods of Karaj.

When criminal detectives went to the scene, they found the bloody body of a middle-aged woman at her home in Mohammadshahr, Karaj, who had been shot in the abdomen by her son-in-law. The middle-aged woman was rushed to hospital and died in a timely manner. Was saved; The shooter, who was the family’s son-in-law, was arrested and taken to the Alborz Intelligence Police Department, but the 35-year-old defendant confessed to killing his 30-year-old wife and three-year-old son after being arrested. The bodies of a mother and child were found shot dead.

Defendant said about his motive for this horrible crime: “My wife and I started arguing when my father-in-law used to prepare opium for him when he came to our house. I was very upset about this, because my son is growing up.” I did not want him to see this scene, so I asked my wife to tell him not to use opium in our house when her father came to our house, but he did not pay attention until I got into a fight with my wife and father, but it was not long before. It was that my father-in-law had a stroke and died and ….

From that day on, my wife resented me and blamed me for her father’s death. He said you wanted my father to die and then he asked for dowry and divorce and … I had been trying to reconcile with my wife for a month but she did not pay attention, I even named all my property in her name but it did not work and she said I want a divorce I got tired and decided to kill; On the day of the incident, I went home with a gun and killed my wife, and since I knew my son was left without a guardian, I also killed him. After killing them, I went to my mother-in-law’s house to kill him and my brother-in-law, but my mother-in-law got into a fight with me. While my brother-in-law was trying to take the gun from me, a bullet hit my wife’s mother in the abdomen.

Alborz Police Chief Col. Nader Beigi told Iran that the accused, who is a taxi driver, has no criminal record and is at the disposal of the judicial authority for further investigation.