Naghsh Jahan Stadium was handed over to Mobarakeh Steel for 45 years

According to the economic observation report and quoted by ISNA, Mohammad Reza Saket regarding the transfer of Naghsh Jahan Stadium to Mobarakeh Steel Company stated: The people of Isfahan have been waiting for Naghsh Jahan Stadium for about 30 years and finally this was achieved by following the managers of Mobarakeh Steel Company.

Priority for eliminating the considered shortcomings The AFC

He continued: “On the other hand, the Ministry of Sports and the Development and Equipment Company provided a platform for participation in semi-finished projects so that Mobarakeh Steel Company can enter the field in order to complete this national project.” The arrival of Mobarakeh Steel improved the country’s sports infrastructure and sports per capita in Isfahan province, as well as adding a large standard set with a capacity of 75,000 people for national and international events.

Saket continued: “After the studies and coordination, the problems of this stadium were solved so that today this big project can be taken out of uncertainty and added to the cycle of sports services in the country’s football field and the people of Isfahan can wait for this stadium to end.”

The CEO of Sepahan Mobarakeh Steel Club, regarding the period of operation of Mobarakeh Steel Company from Naghsh Jahan Stadium, said: “Complete technical and engineering measures were taken to complete Naghsh Jahan Stadium, and now, according to the contract, Naghsh Jahan Stadium has been given to Mobarakeh Steel Company for 45 years. The company has also given the club permission to operate and operate it.

Regarding the club’s actions to complete the stadium’s shortcomings, including non-standard entrances to the stadium, he said: “Naghsh Jahan Stadium complex has 300 hectares of sports fields, which are owned by the Sports and Youth Administration, and Mobarakeh Steel does not have access roads to the area.”

Saket added: Measures such as lighting the entrance path, walling around the stadium, completing the parking lots, completing the optical fiber, electricity substation, and… to further equip the stadium are in the program of Mobarakeh Steel Company. In the future, the stadium scoreboard will also be replaced, because the current scoreboard is not standard and does not have the necessary quality.

He continued: “Our priority is to complete the shortcomings raised by the AFC regarding Naghsh Jahan Stadium in order to achieve the standards emphasized by this institution. The most important part of the stadium is the grass treasury, which is now completed.

He said about solving the problem of the quality of the stadium grass in the summer with the treasury: “Now the stadium grass is in a good condition and is well taken care of and managed by the engineering department.” Of course, we will probably have a plan to change the lawn at the right time, but this will not be possible, at least this year.

Transformation of Sepahan Mobarakeh Steel Museum into a sports tourism hub of Isfahan

The CEO of Sepahan Mobarakeh Steel Club, regarding the request of the fans to broadcast the games of the football team of this club in HD quality, said: “This issue is directly related to the Radio and Television Organization, and we have conveyed this request to the fans several times.” The Radio and Television Organization also has some limitations in providing the equipment needed for this type of filming, but it is laying the groundwork for the completion of this equipment.

He continued: Necessary measures for beautification of Naghsh Jahan Stadium will be discussed in the next projects so that this stadium becomes a beautiful jewel of the region.

Saket pointed to the numerous trophies and championship medals that have been won by the different teams of Sepahan Mobarakeh Steel Club so far and said: “We are looking to launch the club’s honor museum in Naghsh Jahan Stadium and create a tourism hub in Isfahan.” In its future plans, the necessary facilities for visiting this stadium and the honors of Sepahan Mobarakeh Steel will be provided for foreign tours, families, students and others.

In response to the plan to transfer part of the Safaieh Stadium Museum to Naqsh-e Jahan Stadium, he said: “We believe that all the cups and medals of the club, which amount to 4,000 titles, should be transferred to Naqsh-e-Jahan Stadium.” Is located.

We have many programs for Internet TV

Regarding the goals of launching Sepahan Mobarakeh Steel Internet TV and the level of satisfaction with its feedback, Saket said: “In the past few months, by creating a new chart in the club, we have created the responsibility of the application and Internet TV. Sepahan Internet TV was unveiled in cooperation with Basa Company in the form of a super application. This application is a platform to show the competition of all the teams of the club.

He continued: “Currently, we are broadcasting the games of the volleyball, handball and football teams of Mobarakeh Foolad Sepahan live in cooperation with Sada-e Azadi.” For the first time, Isfahan’s women’s soccer derby match

Sepahan Mobarakeh Steel and Zobahan will be broadcast live. Of course, this match took place in recent weeks, but this is the first time that such a match has been licensed.

The CEO of Sepahan Mobarakeh Steel Club stated: The main purpose of this application is to establish direct communication with our fans and we have various programs in this field on the agenda. The application management is trying to share Sepahan fans with the fans in this application with various programs such as playing old movies, various events and… Sweet Memories of Sepahan Mobarakeh Steel. This super application also includes various services such as various games, match prediction, payment services, purchase of goods, various trainings, and so on.

Regarding the live broadcast of the women’s soccer team games for the audience, Saket said regarding the launch of Sepahan Internet TV: “According to the current regulations of the country, we are obtaining permits related to this issue and similar events in order to move forward.”