Narration of Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah’s fear of Haj Qasim

According to Eqtesad News, quoting Fars, Seyed Hassan Nasrallah says: In that meeting, I said to Haj Qasim: “Haji! Haji! “The American media is very focused on you.” Then I showed him one of the most important American magazines, the picture on the cover was a picture of Haj Qasim with the headline: “Irreplaceable Sardar”. “Some of our friends who know the United States well say that this amount of media focus is a prelude to assassination,” I told Haji. You have to be careful. He laughed and said: How good! This is my dream and he talked about these things.

“Nothing special happened at that meeting,” he said. There was talk and we joked. Although Haji was very busy in other areas, he was calmer and happier than ever. According to the Iranians, he was very cheerful. He joked a lot and laughed. It was strangely bright. I’m afraid.

Narration of the last meeting between Seyed Hassan and Haj Qasim

On the Wednesday that Haj Qasim Sahar was martyred on Friday, he was in Beirut with us. We had a meeting for a few hours on Wednesday evening. Of course, he was not supposed to come to Lebanon. He was in Lebanon two weeks ago and there was no need for him to come to Lebanon.

On Tuesday night, they called us and said, “Haji has arrived in Damascus, he will sleep there at night and he will come to Beirut in the morning.” I was surprised. He was here two or three weeks ago and he was very involved in Iraq in those days.

Anyway, we saw each other on Wednesday evening. I was there a few nights. Because we usually met after Maghrib prayers, I told Hajj Qasim: “I cancel night appointments. “We will pray and start the meeting.” In the meetings, we talked for six to seven hours. Haj Qasim said, “No, there is no need. I do not take much of your time. I just came to see you. I’m not busy. I have nothing to discuss. I was here a few weeks ago. I will not take your time for more than an hour. “Let’s sit down and talk.” I was surprised and asked, “So why did you bother yourself and come to Dahiya?” He said: I just came to see you. I have no other work.

Nasrallah to Haj Qasim: Do not go to Iraq

We sat down to talk. There was no specific issue. Haji asked about the situation and some shortcomings and needs. He usually helped to solve some problems on a monthly basis, but this time he solved the problem of four months in one place and said: “Feel free.” no problem.

Usually when the brothers come to my office, the children bring cameras and take pictures. Sometimes they do not bring; But this time Haji himself said to the children: “Where is the camera? “I want to take a picture with Syed.” The children brought the camera and while taking ablutions and praying and standing and sitting and … photos were taken, but not all of them have been published. It was very interesting that Haji insisted and told the brothers to bring a camera and take pictures of all the situations.

In any case, I told him, “Stay here tonight.” “No, I have to return to Damascus tonight,” he said. I want to see some people in Damascus. “I will go to Baghdad tomorrow.” “Hajji, please do not go to Baghdad,” I said. “Conditions are not good, they are worrying.” “No, I have to go,” he said. I have no other choice. I have to go, because I want to see the Prime Minister, and there are important messages that I have to convey or hear. There is no other way. “I have to go to Baghdad myself.”

We prayed the Maghrib prayer together and then we said goodbye together and he went to Damascus. This was the last meeting between me and Haji.