Nation Insurance has joined the club of two thousand billionaires

Dr. Delfaraz considered this success as the result of teamwork, effort, empathy and all-round seriousness of the staff and the sales network of Mellat Insurance and added: Macro-planning at the management level, shareholder trust, empathy and foresight of the board of directors, the efforts of colleagues in all sectors and the hard work of the sales network and representatives represent the company’s presence among the 2,000 billion companies in the insurance industry.

He also pointed to the increase of 1050% of the company’s capital with the seal of immediate approval of the auditor and legal inspector and said: “Mellat Insurance will soon be recognized as the largest private insurance company in the country.”

It is worth mentioning that the symposium of the deputies and managers of Mellat Insurance was held on Wednesday, March 18, 1999 in the presence of the CEO, deputies and managers of the company.

Nation Insurance Public Relations