Nation insurance with you on Nowruz 1400 holiday

Details and contact information of active centers for obtaining car damage documents throughout the country, national insurance branches and selected export agents to provide insurance services to customers during the Nowruz 1400 holidays can be viewed using the following links:

List of representatives of the real active issuance of Mellat Insurance during the Nowruz holiday in 1400

List of centers for receiving active car insurance documents of the National Insurance during the Nowruz holiday in 1400

Contact the Nation Insurance Communication Center during the Nowruz holiday by calling 02185333 from 8 am to 10 pm

Also, in cities where the centers for receiving Mellat insurance compensation documents are not present, Iranian Pooshes Damage Assessment Company is ready to provide compensation services to Mellat Insurance insurers by calling 02184229000 (thousand lines) and 02141558.

Mellat Insurance wishes a happy new year and good health to all our compatriots.

Nation Insurance Public Relations