NATO warns against using Corona as biological weapon!

The corona epidemic shows what catastrophic consequences the use of biological weapons can have on human beings, IRNA reported, quoting IRNA. NATO officials want to arm themselves against such potential dangers.

News Agency d. Leg. “Given the devastating consequences of the Corona epidemic, NATO wants to step up its efforts to defend itself against attacks with biological weapons,” he wrote today (Tuesday). “Corona is not a virus created in the laboratory, but it shows the dangers of using it in biological warfare, so NATO needs to strengthen its security strategies,” NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg told the German news agency. Slowly

“NATO is improving the exchange of information to prevent possible attacks with biological weapons,” he said. “The use of these weapons, like chemical weapons, is prohibited under international law, but we must be prepared to deal with them because We know these weapons are still available. They can be used by government actors as well as by terrorists.

Stoltenberg did not rule out the possibility that a massive biological weapons attack with hundreds of thousands killed would lead to a retaliatory attack with conventional or nuclear weapons, adding: “NATO does not have banned weapons, but we have to respond appropriately. We have a wide range of abilities. “If Article 5 is launched for collective defense after a biological weapons attack, NATO can use all these capabilities.”

In addition to smallpox and anthrax pathogens, he said, influenza and coronaviruses have also been identified as potential biological weapons. Researchers have repeatedly shown that such viruses can be artificially made more dangerous in the laboratory.

The basis of such experiments is the attempt to better prepare against the consequences of natural mutations in the virus. They also show what the consequences would be if, for example, terrorists gained access to such capabilities. In this regard, the NATO Secretary General emphasizes that the risks of possible attacks with biological weapons should be minimized.

In the meantime, a terrible scenario is for viruses to be modified in such a way that they are lethal only to selected groups, for example, only to blacks, or only to whites, or to certain ages. Another scenario is for biological warfare agents to be used by fanatics who, for example, think the only way to save the world is through severe population decline.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has previously warned of the dangers of terrorist attacks with biological weapons. He said in the middle of the summer that the Corona epidemic showed that this could be the prelude to other catastrophes. He also called for the strengthening of the Convention on the Prohibition of Biological Weapons, which has been in force since 1975 but has not yet had a monitoring mechanism.