Navidkia: In Sepahan, everything is on its own / I promised not to talk about the referee

Navidkia: In Sepahan, everything is on its own / I promised not to talk about the referee

The head coach of Sepahan football team believes that his team has suitable conditions to play with Mes

According to ILNA, Sepahan head coach Moharram Navidkia attended a press conference before the game with Mes and said: “Tomorrow we have a very heavy game with Mes.” They have won two very well in the last two weeks. Their conditions are very ideal for this match. We also had a very good win last week. But our problem is that we did not play for 10 days. But they played another game. They may be better off physically, but they may also have minor problems with fatigue.

He added: “I think if our children do not fight from the first to the 90th minute, we will definitely not get any points, but if we concentrate and do not lose our focus from the 1st to the 90th minute and do the tactical work correctly, God willing, three We get points.

The head coach of Sepahan said about the reason for opposing the postponement of the match against Mes Rafsanjan: “Because it snowed in Tabriz and one day our game with Traktor was delayed, but we had to play the next game three days later.” Even now, if we wanted to play on Saturday or Saturday, it would be 11-12 days. It is not good for a team like Sepahan to play once every 12 days. It is not that, God forbid, I do not want to help a team, not because I did not accept it because my team conditions were out of the ordinary.

He added: “After Tabriz, the federation did not cooperate with us because if we wanted to play against Saipa 5 days later, we would have to play the next game in Masjed Soleiman again in three days.” That is why when they do not cooperate with us, we also try not to make excuses and plan according to what they have already determined for us, and we want our situation to be normal.

Sepahan head coach stated: conditions are good. We have 4 injured. We do not have Jalal Alim Mohammadi, Wolsiani, Rasoul Navidkia and Reza Dehghan. They have a fatal injury. One of them may have a serious problem, but the other three have minor injuries and can help us in the coming weeks.

Navidkiar said about the condition of the Rafsanjan copper team: “It is a hard-working team.” This is his first year in the Premier League. Their players fight with all their might to score points and they are admirable and respectable in this regard. They are more confident than the first season and play much better. Tactically, they are reaching better and more ideal conditions. I think in the coming weeks they can get better and better results and become a problem for any team.

He said about the evaluation of the referee and his knowledge: We know the referees as much as we do. I have told all my colleagues that I have neither had nor do not have the view that I want to discuss arbitration. I do not want to discuss arbitration until the day I want to continue this job. Even if the referees make a mistake, take a penalty, take offside or not. I never want to discuss arbitration and I made a covenant with myself. The referee may be wrong. It may be to our detriment and to our advantage. This is normal in football. I have to be able to coordinate my team conditions in this way; When they fall behind, they can return to the game. When they are ahead and if the referee makes a mistake and the game is a draw, they can turn the game around again.

He continued: “In Iran, these issues are highly valued. Nowhere in the world do they discuss arbitration so much.” I also decided not to do this and I hope I can stay until the end of the covenant I made with myself and not discuss arbitration.

Navidkia clarified about his personal comfort on the field: Not about team issues, but I am calm outside. I try to think more. I lived and grew up in Sepahan for many years. When everything is in place here and the club is doing its job in principle, there is no reason for coaches to want to cause problems. Maybe some teams get into trouble because of the margins their club creates.

Sepahan head coach said: “On the first day, we agreed with the CEO and members of the board of directors that everyone should do their job within the scope of their duties.” It has been so far and it will definitely be the same from now on. Neither the management system interferes in my work, nor do I allow myself to interfere in the field of managers. That is why we do our job calmly and we will continue to do so until the end.

The head coach of Sepahan said at the end: “I hope the children of my team have reached the mentality that in today’s football, being one or two goals forward or behind is not a reason to win or lose.” A team that can follow the effort and tactical issues from minute one to 90 or 95 and fight for its goal can definitely win. He may lose in a game, a game may draw or win. A win or a loss is not a reason for the success or failure of the team. When a team improves its course during the season and game by game, it can have a future and be successful. If my players want to be successful, they must know that there is no such thing as a weak or strong team. We need to plan for each game and moment to be successful in the end.