Nawab Safavid Photoshop photo became controversial in cyberspace + photo

Hesam Nawab Safavi published a photo of himself on Yalda night, which has become very professional in Photoshop.

Hussam Nawab Safavid The film actor was born in Tehran in 1974. He continued his university education and succeeded in obtaining a bachelor’s degree in law. The profession of advocacy in the family of Hesam Nawab Safavid is inherited and Hesam Nawab Safavid, in addition to advocacy, is also a film and television actor.

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Hesam Nawab Safavid published a photo of himself holding a pomegranate on the occasion of Yalda night.

Placing a large red pomegranate in the hands of Hesam Nawab Safavid caused some users to react. In this photo, the pomegranate in the hand of Hesam Nawab Safavid is originally in his hand with Photoshop in a completely unnatural and unprofessional way.

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Screenshot_2020-12-21 HESAM NAVAB SAFAVI (hessamnavabsafavi) • Instagram photos and videos (1)

Hesam Nawab Safavi published this photo and wrote: The name of tonight’s Yalda night was Yalda alone.

But Yalda showed that no power, not even Corona, could change the traditions of several thousand years in Iran.

Greetings to all Iranians Greetings to all those who spent Yalda in the hospital bed, thanks to all the nurses whose day coincided with Yalda night and greetings to all those who spent the longest night of the year alone.

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Again, this Aryan tradition is blessed to all Iranians.

Yalda night one thousand three hundred and ninety nine

سید حسام نواب صفوی

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