According to the Daily Mail, the British Foreign Office stated that those British citizens detained in other countries do not create any right for the London government to support them.

This issue has been specifically mentioned in a letter to “Nazanin Zaghari”‘s lawyers.

The British Foreign Office told the lawyer that “granting diplomatic support to Zaghari does not create a special commitment for the London government”.

Nazanin Zaghari, an Iranian-British national, was arrested in 2016 for propaganda activities against the regime and is currently serving her sentence.

The British government has used all possible means to secure Zaghari’s release for the past five years, but has failed to do so.

In this regard, on 11 November of this year, the British Foreign Secretary, Dominique Robb, had said about Nazanin Zaghari, a dual citizen who is imprisoned in Iran on charges of espionage, that if she is returned to prison after a court hearing. , British-Iranian relations will change radically.

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