Negin Motazedi denied the news of her marriage in cyberspace!

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By publishing a video on her personal page, Negin Motasedi showed the rumors of her second marriage.

Negin Motazedi denied the news of her marriage in cyberspace!

Negin Motazedi He is an actor in cinema, theater and television. Negin Motazedi was recognized in the series My Villa directed by Mehran Modiri. Tala Motazedi Negin Motazedi’s sister is active in the field of writing. Negin Motazedi was married in 1995. His wife’s name is Javad Khairkhah.

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Recently, TV actress Negin Motazedi is married to TV director Amin Amani. After this incident, there was news in cyberspace about the actor’s second marriage, but he published a video on his personal page while rejecting this issue and said: Hello everyone; On behalf of myself and my wife, thank you for your love. These last few days have been a marginal issue that I needed to explain.

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The actor continued: I will show you my ID card to prove that I got married only once and one person’s name is on my ID card. I hope that the day will come when we will not attract the audience by publishing false news for our pages.

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