Neishabour, a climbing hub that is deprived of facilities

ISNA / Khorasan Razavi A rock climbing athlete said: “In the past, Neishabour was one of the rock climbing poles of the country and many people from this city were in the national team, but now many have left Neishabour because we do not have facilities in Neishabour that we can even compete in the country.” .

Ehsan Asrar is a rock climber and a member of the national team. He has 6 national rock climbing championships, Asian Youth Gold 2016-2017. He also holds the record for Asian youth speed in 2016 and 2017 and has 6 years of experience in the national team. Has its own.

We talked to this athlete about the current situation and the problems of this field, especially in the cities; Asrar told ISNA: “I am currently practicing, I try to do my exercises twice a day, in the morning and in the afternoon. The current situation is such that I can practice, and considering the days and weeks that the halls They are closed. The office allows me to practice.

He continued: “Considering that I am in the city and the wall that I am currently training on is not in line with international standards, and this has become very difficult for me because I have to go to every match I have ahead of me from a month ago.” I will go to Qazvin and practice because the best walls in the country that have a world standard are in Qazvin and this is very difficult for me.

Asrar stated: I was very interested in mountaineering and rock climbing, at first I went mountaineering for a while, but one of the coaches told me that this discipline is not a discipline of heroism, it is a public discipline, after that I was instructed by a climbing instructor. Introduced and I entered this field through a friend.

If the authorities do not support us financially, they should support us in terms of facilities

The rock climber added: “In the past, Neishabour was one of the rock climbing poles of the country and there were many people in the national team, but now this is not the case and many people have gone to Tehran or abroad. The main reason is that We do not have facilities in Neishabour that we can even compete in the country.

He stated: The wall we have is the wall of 10 years ago and in fact we children invested money and bought new panels with Mr. Tozandjani and installed them on the same skeleton and this is not a good standard; We ask the officials to build our private hall sooner and hand it over to us, so that at least if they do not support us financially, they will support us in terms of facilities so that we can be proud of our country.

He said: “I must say that we are under a lot of pressure financially, because the cost of supplements and nutrition and the price of stone shoes that we buy have increased, that every three to four months, one is torn and each stone shoe has three million and eight hundred It costs four million and if it is torn, we will not have the budget to buy it again and we will have to send it to Tehran to have it repaired, and the repaired shoe will never be like the original shoe.

This member of the national team said: “We, who compete with world-class countries such as the United States, Russia, Italy, France, etc., must have all the facilities for us, but when we go to national competitions and win a gold medal, they give us one million.” That one million does not help an athlete at all, maybe more than a million a week to supplement and feed me, and these costs put a lot of pressure on an athlete.

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