Nesara amber advertising banned / $ 44 million fine awaiting advertisers

According to Tejarat News, Behzad Valizadeh said: “According to Article 3 of the Comprehensive Tobacco Control Law, any advertising and encouragement of people to consume various tobacco products is prohibited, and doing so is punishable by a fine of 44 million Tomans.”

He continued: “Any advertisement aimed at encouraging people to consume various types of tobacco products such as cigarettes and Nesara amber is prohibited and is considered a violation.” If the company produces and sells Nesara amber as a cigarette and puts advertisements on its envelopes about the treatment of various diseases, it is a violation.

Valizadeh stressed: “Any action that causes people to consume tobacco products is the main examples of violations and violators will be fined and will be reported to the judiciary.”

The head of the Secretariat of the National Tobacco Control Headquarters of the Ministry of Health added: “Unfortunately, the advertising of online products in cyberspace has increased, which will be subject to fines according to the law.”

Valizadeh said: “Currently, no tobacco products such as Anbar Nesara and cigarettes have been licensed and supplied by the Food and Drug Administration, and the promotion of such substances is considered a violation.”

Source: Farro