Net definite debts of the government reached more than 578 thousand billion tomans

According to the Economic News Agency, the net amount of definite debts of the government to individuals, legal entities, cooperatives and private individuals, which was created within the framework of the relevant regulations by the end of 1997 and in the Public Debt and Financial Assets Management Center of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (Samad). Executive bodies have been registered, reaching more than 578 thousand billion tomans.

In order to understand the size of the government debt, it is enough to know that the total government budget in the bill of 1400 was more than 841 thousand billion tomans, ie the government owes about 70% of its budget for a year or the total current government expenditures for 1400 More than 637 thousand billion tomans has been predicted, meaning that government debt is equivalent to 90% of total current government expenditures in one year.

The final debt table of the government, published in the budget disbursement report 98, is as follows: