Netanyahu postponed his trip to the UAE and Bahrain

Zionist sources say that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has postponed his visit to the UAE and Bahrain, which was scheduled for January 1.

Zionist analyst and journalist Barak Ravid wrote on his Twitter account that the trip had been canceled due to the situation caused by the corona outbreak and the consequent quarantine and mass closure in occupied Palestine.

This is the second time that Netanyahu’s visit to the two countries has been postponed. The first time Netanyahu’s trip to the UAE and then to Bahrain was canceled was on December 26th.

The timetable for Netanyahu’s visit was that he would be in Bahrain on December 1 and in the UAE on December 2. But the Emirati people said that December 2 is the UAE Independence Day and he should travel to this country after this date; Therefore, this Zionist official decided to postpone the trip.

Zionist sources at the time also explained why Netanyahu’s trip to Bahrain was canceled: “On the last day, when the Bahrainis found out that Netanyahu was coming to the region only to visit Bahrain, they turned to his office and demanded that the trip be postponed.”

The UAE and Bahrain normalized their relations with the Zionist regime last summer, after which political and military officials and businessmen from far and wide met and signed agreements in some areas.