Netanyahu’s plan to cancel the election

According to Eqtesadnews, quoting ISNA, the 12th television channel of the Zionist regime revealed that the Likud party headed by the prime minister of this regime, Benjamin Netanyahu, in addition to communicating with the members of the “Blue-White” party in the Knesset, intends to form a new government without holding fourth elections. Without the presence of Bani Gantz, the regime’s Minister of War and a partner in Netanyahu’s coalition government.

According to the report, Likud officials have recently contacted Naftali Bennett, the leader of the Yemina party, and offered him several ministries to join his party’s list.

Israeli Channel 12 television quoted the officials as saying that Naftali Bennett had not accepted Likud’s offer.

According to the network, parties close to Netanyahu also contacted ministers and members of the Knesset from the Blue and White Party and offered them to leave the Gantz Party in exchange for a guarantee that they would remain in government.

There is disagreement between the members of Likud and Blue-White as the two wings of the Zionist regime on the issue of approving the budget; Netanyahu has been seeking a one-year budget, while Bani Gantz has agreed to a two-year budget as agreed between the two sides.

The 12th Zionist TV channel continued its report by announcing that if the draft budget is not approved, the Knesset will be dissolved at midnight on Tuesday-Wednesday of this week.