Network solution and empathy path development

According to Tehran’s Borna News Agency, during the difficult days of Corona, many people helped their compatriots in the form of jihadist movements, while many businesses suffered numerous losses due to Corona’s restrictions. Among them were people who used all their energy to support these businesses. Setting up a solution network was one of countless measures that used internal capacities to help businesses affected by the corona. .

For this purpose, we arranged an interview with Amir Hassan Khajavi, the director of the Solution Network. Which you can see below.

Question – First, explain to readers some of the mechanism of action in the solution network.

Hello, let me explain the story of the establishment of this network to you briefly. We were, many businesses were closed, our artistic team was in a difficult situation, and whispers of closing video projects were heard.

In the meantime, we promised our art team that we would resist the imposed conditions as much as we could and share our experiences with others. In fact, the initial start of the solution network was hit in those hard days. We came to the conclusion that we can help ourselves in critical situations, and on the other hand, by helping others, we can alleviate some of the difficulties of the existing situation for others.

In the current situation, in the form of a start-up activity, we offer economic crisis management training packages to various businesses, as well as guidance to new markets, and then strengthen the content production packages that we provide to them. We help build their businesses.

In fact, we use art as a tool to introduce and strengthen businesses. And we present this process in the form of a network of peers so that everyone can help each other in these difficult situations.

Question: How did the audience respond to your jihadist activity?

Developing a sense of empathy and, most importantly, not being alone in the face of economic crises is the most important thing we have achieved in the form of this action. In fact, all our efforts are to empower businesses in order to overcome various crises, which, thank God, have been well received by the audience. In fact, the solution network process, in addition to teaching, also includes the concept of market development. A concept that in practice leads to a leap in production and an increase in domestic power.

Question – How do you assess the future of the solution network?

We hope that with the quantitative and qualitative development of this network, in addition to meeting the needs of the audience, we will provide a different and attractive platform for the maximum participation of artists in this network, and in general, we will move towards the solution platform. Crises are never reported, but we can always pursue our basic needs by using fluid structures. We also believe that the solution to all problems is within the country, and if we take steps to solve problems step by step with empathy and the right strategy. We will take strong steps.

Question – Finally, how can people use the solution network?

We have made the solution network available to the public in the context of cyberspace and in the message of domestic and foreign leaders, and we hope that this move will lead to a culture of empathetic help.