New details about the supply of Iranian corona vaccine

According to Eghtesadnews, quoting ISNA, Alireza Raisi said: “About 3 weeks ago, 4 provinces of Ardabil, Gilan, Golestan and Mazandaran were in a red situation.” Fortunately, from this week, all the provinces came out of the red situation, and Gilan has no red city, and the disease trend in this province is also declining. Out of 16 cities of Gilan province, 6 cities are yellow and 10 cities are orange.

He added: “According to the evaluation criteria, we do not have a red city in the country at the moment.” 205 cities are orange and 243 cities are yellow, our new approach is daily monitoring of cities and as soon as the number increases, we will warn and increase to increase surveillance.

Regarding the closure of virtual education in schools in Tehran province, he said: “The closure of virtual education is not in any way approved by the Corona headquarters, and no permit has been issued for the closure of virtual education by the national headquarters.” Virtual education has nothing to do with coronary heart disease.

Reisi continued: the recruitment exam was twice delayed and today (Saturday, December 20) at the headquarters, it was approved to be held on the due date in accordance with the health protocols, 100,000 people are applying for this exam. This test will be performed in more than 2700 areas in accordance with the protocols and under the supervision of the Ministry of Health and the Assessment Organization. In the case of school exams, the proposal must be submitted to the Social Security Committee of the headquarters, and holding any exam requires permission.

Regarding the reopening of schools for the first and second grades of primary school, he said: “This issue was discussed and it was decided to review its aspects in the next two weeks and make the best decision.”

“Studying the corona epidemic in the last year has taught us a lot,” he said. The virus will invade whenever the opportunity arises, and the cold weather and the reopening of restaurants have led to an increase in the number of cases in Europe, which is natural as the virus spreads. In the United States for 3 days, the death toll is over 3,000 people, Germany has recorded a record of 890 feet per day, which is a very high number.

He added: “From the night of Yalda onwards, we are just entering winter, and if the protocols are not followed and the parties continue, we may have problems and the next wave of disease.” If the parties are held on Yalda night, we will see a disease in two weeks. The behavior of the disease is such that if the protocols are not followed, two weeks later we will see an increase in the number of outpatients, and two weeks later the hospitalization rate will increase, and after two weeks the mortality rate will increase again. In mid-February, the statistics may increase. In our country, 51% of coronary heart disease is due to family history, and after that, the share of the disease in public transportation is high, which is worrying.

Reisi continued: “If the study phases of vaccine in Iran go well, it will probably be available in late spring, but until then we must be ready and continue to follow the protocols for 4 to 5 months.” Until the production of the Iranian corona vaccine, we are looking to provide the vaccine from an approved source so that vulnerable groups can be vaccinated.

Regarding the plan of the martyr “Haj Qassem Soleimani”, he said: “Since October 1, we have increased the number of tests, which was an effective step. . At the moment, it is too early to really evaluate the plan, but our main goal in implementing the plan is to continue the declining situation of the disease, because the implementation of this plan is designed in a way that will prevent the next peak in this way. In Gilan province, about 300,000 people were screened and about 1,600 people were found to be symptomatic. Quarantine facilities were also provided for 563 poor people to continue the declining process of the disease and not to transmit the disease to others.

Regarding the continuation of Corona restrictions, he said: “The limit is 8 nights to 4 in the morning for 29 and 30 Azar, and after that time, the restrictions for red or orange cities return to the routine of 9 nights to 4 in the morning.” These restrictions are smart and based on evaluations, they saw the implementation of these restrictions as very successful. Intra-city overnight traffic has decreased by 80% compared to the same period last year.

Speaking on a television program, he commented on the White House remarks, saying: “These statements are never humanitarian and raise political issues. In the discussion of the flu vaccine, 5 million doses of vaccine were supposed to enter our country from Turkey, but the Americans stopped it. They even created panic among private companies to be afraid to do business with Iran. Simply put, not even a US charity can send us a pack of pills. In connection with the vaccine debate, it may be possible to transfer money through private companies, which is high risk and there are fears for it from the central and legal bank.