New details from the Council of Unity of Fundamentalists

The movements of political parties and currents for the presidential election have entered a new phase. Conservatives around inclusiveness want to manage their differences and come to a single conclusion.

Ahmad Karimi Esfahani told News Letter about the latest work done in the Unity Council with a focus on comprehensiveness: “More than 40 parties and groups have come together. So far, 12 meetings have been held to coordinate and decisions have been made. The clergy community is trying to Groups should be wider, everyone should unite and avoid monotony. Ayatollah Movahedi Kermani said in the meeting, “We must reach unity and leave this meeting to complete the argument.”

Referring to the policies implemented to succeed in achieving unity, he added: “Avoiding the destruction of each other is one of these policies.” Perhaps in the past, group elections had positions and issues compared to other groups and expressed it, but now, according to this policy, our approach is not to destroy each other.

A member of the Central Council of the Mutlaq Party, referring to the formation and appointment of members of the 17-member executive board of the Unity Mechanism, emphasized: A committee was also appointed for the city and village council elections to follow the work of this constituency. In the provinces and cities, the work is key, things are going according to plan. We hope to finally reach a maximum unity.

He continued about consulting with the examples of the 1400 presidential elections: We have not reached that stage yet. It is expected that in the next month or so we will reach the issue of their examples and features. The charter of electoral do’s and don’ts was also prepared.

A member of the Imam Khomeini and Leadership Front said about the change of the Secretary General of the Sustainability Front: Mr. Mohsoli was previously the Deputy Secretary General of the Sustainability Front, so with a little movement, the approach of the Sustainability Front will not change and this series will continue with the same policy. Of course, they can use the excuse of change to break the shell of their limitations and think a little wider.