New details have been released on the cause of Azadeh Namdari’s death

According to Farda website, among all the incidents that took place in the capital on Nowruz this year, the painful death of Azadeh Namdari, the former presenter of Radio and Television, severely overshadowed public opinion; An incident that shocked many people and was accompanied by many fringes. This report is the last detail of the story of the death of this famous performer.

New details have been released on the cause of Azadeh Namdari’s death

“The mysterious death of Azadeh Namdari” The news exploded like a bomb in cyberspace on the evening of the 7th of Farvardin, and in the first moments, everyone was looking for more details about the mysterious incident. Although there were rumors at the outset that the former Sada-e Osima presenter had been killed, hours later more details were revealed about his tragic death, which strengthened the hypothesis of suicide.

Azadeh Namdari

Regarding the details of the incident, Mohammad Shahriari, the head of the Tehran Criminal Court, said: “It was 7:30 pm on April 27 that the report on Azadeh Namdari’s death was announced. Tehran Intelligence Police arrived at the scene, which was an apartment on the seventh floor of a tower on Mahestan Street in Gharb town. The body was in comfortable, home-made clothing, and the important thing was that the hostess’s house was perfectly clean and tidy.

The deceased’s father was also present when we arrived on the scene. They were deeply shocked and moved by the death of their daughter. Investigating the deceased mother, she said she thought her daughter was traveling with her son-in-law and granddaughter because Ms. Namdari’s wife had traveled north to see her grandmother. This was while the wife of a famous lady who was traveling with their daughter also thought that she was at her parents’ house. For this reason, no contact was exchanged between them, except for a few text messages that her husband asked her to inform her family that she had not traveled with them.

Regarding the time of death of the host, Shahriari says: “Forensic medicine estimated the time of death of the deceased between 30 and 40 hours before his body was found, and this was while there were no signs of beatings on his body.” On the other hand, he was alone at home after his wife and young daughter went on a trip, and investigations indicated that no one had entered their apartment during this time.

The head of the Tehran Criminal Court continues: After further investigation, a manuscript of Ms. Namdari was discovered addressed to her young daughter. In a 40-page exercise book, he wrote something to his daughter that sounded like a farewell. Of course, he sympathized with her in a few lines and said that he was not satisfied with his life situation. He then made a commitment to his property, which was similar to a will. The discovery of this office strengthened the hypothesis of suicide. This is because forensic experts also stated after the initial examination of the body that he probably died due to drug poisoning. However, the body was taken to forensic medicine for toxicological tests and the main cause of death.

Further investigation revealed that Ms. Namdari was taking antidepressants and psychiatric pills, and some of these drugs were discovered in her home on the day of the accident. There was even a prescription, and it was hypothesized that Ms. Namdari had deliberately overdosed on medication. Regarding the rumors spread in cyberspace, Shahriari says: “My colleagues and agents and I, from the time we arrived at the scene at 8:00 PM until 1:00 AM, that is, for about 5 hours, carefully examined the crime scene.” There was no sign of the crime or that the deceased was pregnant or threatened. Even with an autopsy, the issue of Ms. Namdari’s pregnancy was ruled out. “Ms. Namdari’s parents described the relationship between the deceased and her husband well, saying that they had no differences and lived a peaceful life,” she said of the rumors about the deceased’s family dispute. In addition, an examination of the latest text messages exchanged between the deceased and her husband also shows that although they had small and ordinary differences, they have had a sincere relationship in recent days.