New government program to provide livelihood subsidy resources

According to reports EconomyOnline According to ISNA, government spokesman Ali Rabiee in his weekly press conference, which was held in the form of video conferencing in order to comply with health protocols, said: Last week, economic issues such as how to produce agricultural and industrial products such as cars, price control and Foreign living and political issues were discussed in various meetings and the necessary decisions were made.

He continued: “One of the most important approvals of the executive regulations of the law was strategic action to lift sanctions and protect the interests of the Iranian people, which was approved by the cabinet in 11 articles.” Considering the title of the law which is to lift the sanctions and the opinion of the esteemed representatives has also been focused on the lifting of the sanctions, the government in considering the implementation of this law, time sensitivities, Iran’s national interests and how and effective implementation to lift the sanctions. He considered the future of the country.

The government spokesman stated that the government agreed to transfer 43,500 billion tomans of shares to three banks, adding: 14,500 billion tomans of it for subsidies for living assistance caused by the corona and 29,000 billion tomans for the payment of debts to banks. Be.

Recalling that yesterday was the day of the petrochemical industry, he stated: “The petrochemical industry is a symbol of the creativity of domestic hard-working forces, foresight and prudence in the government and the efforts of government officials to remove the effect of sanctions, growth and development in the most difficult conditions.” The expansion of the petrochemical industry is one of the achievements in countering the sale of crude oil, and today part of the country’s foreign exchange resources also rely on petrochemical exports and downstream oil industries.

Rabiee continued: The 11th government, with the aim of continuing the development of the petrochemical industry as the first leap in the petrochemical industry that took place during the years 75 to 85, put the development of this value-creating industry on the agenda in the form of the second leap of the petrochemical industry. With the second leap in the petrochemical industry by the end of 1400, the number of petrochemical complexes will reach 83 and the industry’s annual production capacity will reach 100 million tons, exactly according to the goals of the Sixth Development Plan, and the industry’s revenue will reach $ 25 billion by the end of 1400. .

He pointed out: In 1992, 46 petrochemical complexes with an annual production capacity of 56 million tons were active, but now the number of complexes has reached 64 complexes with an annual production capacity of 77 million tons. The operation of 17 petrochemical projects is planned for 1999 as the golden year of the petrochemical industry, so that the capacity of the petrochemical industry will reach more than 90 million tons per year by the end of this year.

He added: 9 projects have been put into operation so far. Plans have been made to continue the development of the petrochemical industry in the coming years, so that with the realization of the third leap of the petrochemical industry by the end of 1404, the country’s petrochemical industry capacity will exceed 133 million tons. It will reach $ 37 billion in revenue.

The government spokesman went on to say that the document on the judicial transformation was announced earlier this week by the head of the judiciary, adding: “This document contains important points, including the fact that it emphasizes a positive confrontation in the judiciary.” – The Judicial Transformation Document focuses on legitimate freedoms and focuses on transparency as well as accountability. The document also addresses a leading approach to citizenship rights, as well as engaging grassroots organizations to protect public rights, prevent corruption, mediate and support victims, and re-socialize.

He emphasized: “We welcome this document and we will do our best to implement it.” This document, along with the citizenship rights document, can bring about the observance of public rights and will guarantee the efforts of the two branches of government.

Rabiee continued by reminding that next Saturday is the first anniversary of the inhuman and brutal assassination and heroic martyrdom of Sardar Soleimani, said: “The pain of the loss of this heavenly man is still as painful, annoying and exhausting as the first moment of hearing this news.” Soleimani’s assassins not only did not take our nation’s hero from us, but also made him the eternal hero of Iran and all the free nations of the world. Today, Soleimani is a symbol of unshakable faith, freedom of belief, courage in the field, moderation and fairness in politics, and steadfastness in the fight against terrorism and extremism, and his name will always shine in these areas.

He added: “The assassins of Sardar Soleimani committed this crime under the pretext of hitting Iran’s policy in defending a just peace throughout the region, but after this short year, they should have realized that not only depriving the oppressed nations of the region of courage and wisdom.” In the fight against ISIS and other forms of terrorism, Soleimani did not affect the will of our nations in this long journey, but proved that despite such ruthless and ruthless evildoers, continuing the path of resistance and resistance to coercion and occupation is inevitable.

The government spokesman also stated: “Of course, we are happy that Soleimani’s killer will soon leave the American politics scene and we are sure that the world without Soleimani’s killer is a safer place for all nations of the world.” Once again, I offer my condolences on the martyrdom of this great commander to all the family of that great noble man, the Supreme Leader and the people of Iran.

He went on to point out that we are in the days of mourning for Hazrat Fatemeh Zahra (PBUH), and specified: The high position of the daughter of the Great Prophet is indescribable. Fatemeh Zahra (PBUH) was a devoted wife, devoted companion, mother, educator and influential activist in the political and social arena of her time, and with exemplary insight, she has left a lasting impact in her time until today. We must understand the meaning and concept of the life of Hazrat Zahra (PBUH) and know that her life is a source of happiness and good life, and I hope that today’s Iranian society will be more proud of her style and life than ever before.

Rabiee also congratulated the New Year to all Christians around the world, especially to his Assyrian and Armenian compatriots, and said: “The New Year is an opportunity to reflect on the message of love, peace, tolerance and human values ​​of which Jesus Christ was the divine messenger.” The universal human values ​​of Jesus Christ provide a clear criterion for exposing the actions of the American belligerents in the American economic war against the livelihood of health and the economy and the Iranians to the judgment of world public opinion, especially the public opinion of the Western world. .

He reminded: “Anti-Iranian sanctions, especially in the current stage, which has passed the stage of sanctions for the last forty years and has escalated into a full-fledged economic war, are inconsistent with the peace-oriented spirit of Christ’s spiritual and moral teachings.”

The government spokesman went on to address the situation of the corona in the country and said that fortunately we do not have any red cities in the corona debate today, adding: “However, we currently have 108 orange cities and 140 cities in the yellow situation.” So far, the British mutated virus has not been observed in Iran, but the Ministry of Health, in coordination with other agencies, especially the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, is taking the necessary precautions for prevention.

“The incidence has dropped to a quarter and the number of deaths per week to a third,” he said. And 7,500 deaths have been reduced. Of course, this situation is quite fragile. We still need to follow health protocols. Some procrastination and procrastination will bring us back to a worrying situation. We should not become normalistic and optimistic after the wave of the disease subsides, and finally neglect the virus.

Rabiee noted: “This virus is changing all over the world, and of course it can get worse or better.” Accumulations are still the main cause of coronavirus infection, and any accumulation has the potential to spread the virus. We are in the cold season and care and observance of protocols and lack of gatherings will help us to break the chain of virus spread. The approvals of the Corona headquarters are scientific and based on the opinions of experts and the experiences of other countries, and whenever the people have implemented these approvals seriously, we have had very good success.

He continued: “The guidelines are dynamic and these rules will prevail until the end of the corona, and it is the people who can follow the health protocols of their cities to turn yellow so that more openings can happen to them according to the guidelines.” .

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