New member Joe Biden’s government

Introducing the members of his climate and energy teams in Wilmington, the US President-elect said that his administration has planned to deal with climate change, which is considered a current threat, IRNA reported, quoting IRNA.

He added: “We literally do not have time to lose, this year alone, fires burned more than 5 million hectares across the west, tropical storms severely damaged the east coast and the Persian Gulf, and drought in parts of Destroyed the Midwest.

Explaining one of the effects of climate change, Biden said many climate and health disasters occur simultaneously. It is not just the epidemic that has plagued people, but the deteriorating air quality.

“We are in a crisis, just as we need a unified national response to Covid 19, we need a unified national response to climate change,” the president-elect said.

“Climate and energy teams will be ready on the first day of the government, focusing on creating new jobs in climate-resistant and clean energy infrastructure,” he said.

Biden went on to nominate members of his team, Deb Holland, representing New Mexico in the House of Representatives for the post of Secretary of the Interior.