New pricing of factory cars until the end of this week

Arash Mohebbinejad, Secretary of the Association of Homogeneous Parts Manufacturing Industries, pointing out that Car Prices It should be reformed, he said: in the reform package of the automobile industry, changes in the pricing of some domestic cars are foreseen. It is said that there will be changes in prices by the end of this week.

“Parts makers are ready to come,” he said Production mutation They are in the making, but it needs support so that we can achieve it faster. In order to be able to enter the movement of internal construction, we need strong stimuli, and the package of incentives for internal construction can be the beginning.

The secretary of the Association of Homogeneous Parts Manufacturing Industries said about the latest situation of internalization of parts: considering that it is several years old automobile industry It has been boycotted, domestic engineers worked hard to internalize parts that were heavily dependent on the outside, so there were huge changes in the automotive industry, and today we see that many of the parts that we used to import from the past. , Has been internalized and now many car parts are 100% internalized.

Mohebbinejad explained: کیفیت These days, the quality of parts and product development are very important. Increase Boycott The outbreak of coronary heart disease also created many challenges in the parts industry, so more attention should have been paid to parts manufacturers, but no attention was paid to them, and if this trend continues, many factories will close in the near future. We will be pieces.

He said: دیگر Another issue to the parts left in Customs It turns out that many of the raw materials for auto parts remain in customs, and if cleared, it will be a great help to the industry.