New way to sell justice stocks!

According to the daily news site, Mohammad Ali Dehghan Dehnavi, while attending the special news talk show of Sima, said that the new method of selling justice stocks, stating that the rise of the stock market index in recent days was due to manipulation of index shares, said: Large, small and medium are made, which also depends on the shareholders’ analysis of the value of the stock. He continued: “The more valuable the stock, the more it grows and it does not matter if it is a small or large share.” Emphasizing that manipulation in the capital market does not make sense, Dehghan said: “In the capital market, there is a supply and demand mechanism and the duty of the stock exchange organization is to monitor this process.”

The head of the Exchange Organization also referred to the discussion of the range of asymmetric fluctuations that was recently raised in the Supreme Council of the Exchange, and said: “I said the range of fluctuations should be open, but this decision was made in a situation where macroeconomic variables and political developments It had created uncertainty in the market. Dehghan continued: “Therefore, the Supreme Council of the Stock Exchange decided to announce the range of asymmetric fluctuations so that the shareholder has a good opportunity to make a calm decision.” Therefore, the title price manipulation is not correct for the asymmetric fluctuation range.

Sale of justice shares

Emphasizing that there are costs and benefits to every decision made, he explained: The cost of this decision is to reduce liquidity, and to address this cost we must help increase liquidity in the market. According to ISNA, Dehghani Dehnavi, referring to fixed-income funds, said: “These funds had a quorum in the past.” However, the stock market trend was upward in the first months of the year, we reduced its quorum to zero and again in these months, due to market conditions, the quorum of funds was returned. The head of the Exchange and Securities Organization, emphasizing that the Exchange Organization, as a market regulator, has tools, one of which is the quorum of the funds, continued: “We have never told any fund what share it should buy.”

“Marketing is a new experience in the capital market,” he said. “This process has shortcomings that need to be addressed and we are working to review it.” The marketer is the publisher’s responsibility to share. When the amplitude of the negative fluctuation is five and the market atmosphere is emotional, the market maker becomes volatile. Dehnavi peasant about how long the amplitude of asymmetric oscillation lasts? He explained: “This temporary decision was made for temporary conditions and its result was to be reviewed in the council every month.” So far, the symmetrical range has somewhat restored calm to the market. On the other hand, the atmosphere of the economy is moving towards enlightenment.

The head of the Exchange and Securities Organization continued: “A package should be designed for the fluctuation range, and our vision is to eliminate the fluctuation range.” There are fluctuations in many of the world’s stock exchanges, but they are so large that they are rarely seen. We must be able to apply defined conditions to the oscillation amplitude that have the necessary flexibility at certain points. Therefore, we suggest that the situation remain as long as it is possible to eliminate the oscillation amplitude. But the final conclusion is determined by the vote of the council members.

Details of Justice Shares / Avoid political comment

Justice shares

Dehghan Dehnavi continued: “Some people spoke out of benevolence, which had a negative impact on the market.” Therefore, we must refrain from making political comments. Dehghan went on to criticize the devaluation of the first refinery stock, saying that the government did not sell the first refinery more expensive than the billboard, but offered the fund with a 20% discount in order to popularize the economy and when there was demand in the market. .

Dehghan Dehnavi continued: Dara Ikam is still 40% above the transaction price and if the government thought of abusing it, it would not do so. Of course, the first refinement is the same as the initial supply, and we ask the publisher not to lower the price below the supply price for at least one year. The head of the Securities and Exchange Commission said that the government invited people to the stock exchange: “People have savings, or they have to invest it in a bank or convert it into various assets such as currency, gold, housing and stocks.” Which of the following is in the interest of the country’s economy? Capital market returns are higher than other markets and have contributed to the country’s employment.

So it was right to invite people to invest in the capital market. Regarding the sale of justice shares, he said: “The decision to sell these shares is made according to market conditions, but we are working on ways that people can indirectly continue their shareholding.” Dehghan Dehnavi, emphasizing that the division of shareholders into two groups, real and legal, is wrong, said: “Each of these groups that violated the law should be investigated and it should be dealt with properly.”