Normab Dam will be drained in May 1400 – Mehr News Agency | Iran and world’s news

Seyed Mohsen Hosseini stated in an interview with Mehr: The embankment of the body and the other components of the Normab Dam of Chehel Chay Minoodasht have made good progress in the last month and there is no problem for the embankment of the body until the initial dewatering.

He said that the work is being done with good progress, adding: the initial water intake will be done in May 1400.

Hosseini added: for rap rap (stone barrier) around the dam, there is a need for coordination with Samat and the cement factory, and we are following this issue.

Golestan Regional Water Director stated: Normab Ab dam intake requires continuous and chain actions that each action alone can not lead us to the final destination of intake in time, so coordination in the implementation of measures and in parallel with each other is very necessary .

The water storage capacity of Normab Chehel Chay Minoodasht Dam is 100 million cubic meters, which is equivalent to the water storage of three dams, Bustan, Golestan and Vashmgir.