Nowruz congratulatory message from the Chairman of the Board and the Managing Director of the Organization for the Collection and Sale of Proprietary Property

Or the conqueror of hearts and visions, or the master of the night and the river
Or the environment and the environment around us, now to the best of circumstances

Congratulations on the arrival of the New Year and the refreshing spring to all hardworking colleagues and their honorable families, and I wish good health and increasing success to all my dear compatriots.
I am happy in the year that was named as the year of production leap by the Supreme Leader, despite all the challenges and difficulties and the adverse effects that the spread of the Corona virus has had on economic activities in Iran and other countries; My dear colleagues, in addition to doubling sales compared to last year, have been able to take a firm and firm step towards helping the national economy and production boom by returning more than 13,000 billion rials worth of goods.

Dear colleagues;
You are aware that despite the implementation of the Law on Combating Commodity and Currency Smuggling in 1993, the organization was given important responsibilities and heavy governance, but so far the basic prerequisites and executive infrastructure required (mechanized and equipped warehouse, manpower, Appropriate budget, etc.) has not been provided to the organization; However, during these years, the diligent colleagues of the Organization for the Collection and Sale of Proprietary Property have tried their best to properly perform the duties assigned to them by law.
It is hoped that with the recent measures taken, including the establishment of the working group to determine the assignment of all movable property, obtaining the necessary permits and agreements in order to attract and develop financial resources and manpower, as well as to provide infrastructure and warehouses and other corrective measures Inside and outside the organization, we have witnessed lasting changes and increasing success in a very important set of the organization of collecting and selling property, which undoubtedly requires empathy, cooperation and cooperation of all elements of the organization and each of our esteemed colleagues.

Dear colleagues;
Once again, I sincerely thank and appreciate the efforts of all of you in different parts of the organization who are serving our dear homeland of Iran, and I hope that with the continuation and development of welfare and livelihood measures, as well as providing infrastructure and equipment for warehouses and office buildings and in addition Achieve professional and committed manpower in various fields to achieve the anticipated and planned goals.

While congratulating the New Year again, I ask God Almighty for all of you to redouble our efforts and I expect that next year, with a double effort and a jihadist approach, we will be able to figure out another golden leaf in the Office of Honors of the country.

Mohammad Ali Eftekhari