Nowruz congratulatory message of Hormozgan Steel CEO

The text of Hormozgan Steel CEO Nowruz congratulatory message is as follows:

In the name of Allah

Or the heart of hearts and visions. Or the master of the night and the day. یا محول الحول و الاحوال. Around us to the best of times

Dear colleagues

By the grace of God, another proud year was marked for Hormozgan Steel, and together with you, our hard-working and jihadist colleagues, we achieved many successes. In the year, each of you worked hard and obeyed the orders of the Supreme Leader of the Revolution and made such a leap in production. You gave meaning to Hormozgan Steel.

Dear colleagues, last year, in addition to the problems of sanctions and economic warfare, we also faced a phenomenon called the corona virus. But despite all these problems, thanks to God and using the power of technical-engineering companies and domestic knowledge-based companies, as well as Following the instructions of the Corona Outbreak Prevention Committee of the company and accompanying you, hard-working and specialized human capital, has completed the year 99 more proudly than last year, and in addition to recording 5 monthly production records in six consecutive months, the annual production record It was also broken and by passing the nominal capacity of the factory, another golden leaf was added to the honors of Hormozgan Steel.

Thank you for the compassionate efforts and empathy of each and every one of you on the economic front.

The sublime goal of Hormozgan Steel, as one of the largest producers of steel products in the south of the country, is to meet the maximum domestic needs of the country and develop export markets as a leading organization and play an effective role in sustainable economic, social and environmental development of the region. In this direction and to achieve this, with the help of God Almighty, we must work harder to create new epics in the year 1400.

In the end, while advising to follow the health instructions to maintain the health of yourself and your esteemed family members, congratulate the New Year and its symmetry with the Eid al-Fitr at the service of your esteemed colleagues and families, shareholders, suppliers and contractors. I wish you great health and increasing success.

Farzad Arzani

Managing Director of Hormozgan Steel Company