Nowruz message from Dr. Mostafavi, CEO of Homeland Insurance

The text of the message is as follows:

Dear Colleagues

In 1399, insurers in the difficult conditions of the country, tried to stand against these conditions and their mission in calming and reassuring the community and economic activists by presenting new insurance plans that have an undeniable impact on their living standards and business. To do it right and get out of this tough, proud and white test. Now, the insurance industry is trying to reduce the obstacles and suffering of the people in this situation and improve the business environment, and certainly in this way, solidarity, unity and cohesion is the only path that will lead to better and happier days.

By the grace of God, we also tried to expand our activities in Homeland Insurance with the tireless efforts of our dear colleagues and the hard-working sales network and based on the standard indicators of the insurance industry; Improve the services provided to insurers and gain their satisfaction and trust.

We hope that with the support of esteemed shareholders and valuable experiences of esteemed members of the Board of Directors, as well as relying on our committed, professional and compassionate human capital, we can witness the continuation of successes and the growing trend of homeland insurance in all sectors and using technologies and methods. Modern communication to take steps towards the quantitative and qualitative development of products and the provision of desirable services to insurers.

I have no doubt that my dear colleagues in all parts of the country, with serious determination, will do their best to achieve the grand goals of Homeland Insurance with the approach of selling micro and life insurance, and with hard work and redoubled efforts, promote our beloved “homeland”. They will provide more than before.

While appreciating the efforts of all my dear colleagues and congratulating the New Year and wishing success and pride to all my dear compatriots, I hope the New Year is full of health and vitality, prosperity and well-being and the beginning of happy days and the end of bitterness for all dear ones. With redoubled efforts and empathy, we can bring a year full of success and pride to our beloved homeland and record it in the proud leaf of our homeland’s history.

Reza Mostafavi

Homeland Security Public Relations