Nowruz message from the CEO of Iran Commodity Exchange

The text of the message is as follows:

in the name of God

Imam Reza (as):

فَصْلُ الرَّبیعِ فَإنّهُ روُحُ الأزْمانِ. Spring is the soul of the times.

The year 1399 ended with all the ups and downs, problems and difficulties, and we start the year 1400 with the hope of improving the conditions of our country and people.

The Commodity Exchange was also able to record an acceptable record this year with several record-breakers. Record-breaking in the total value of transactions with 350 thousand billion Tomans and an increase of more than 100% compared to 98 along with trading of more than 33 million tons of goods and growth in volume and value of physical transactions compared to the previous year shows the forward movement of the commodity exchange In the country’s economy.

Launching new trading tools such as bidding and open auction transactions, introducing new products such as dates, raisins and rice to the Commodity Deposit Certificate market, as well as strengthening the derivatives market by launching silver futures trading with the start of serious real estate trading, including measures. It was a development that, despite many problems, increased the scope of the Commodity Exchange this year.

One of the positives of last year was the full support of the capital market and shareholders for the commodity exchange during some regulatory pricing efforts. Paying attention to the effects of grammatical pricing on shareholder rights and its rent-seeking function in the country’s economy led to the prevention of some wrong decisions.

We hope that with the continuation of the positive trend and some current promising signs, the year 1400 will be full of blessings for all our compatriots and the country’s economy, especially the activists of the capital market and the commodity exchange.

For all of you in the New Year, thanks to the days of Sha’baniyah, which coincides with the beginning of the year, I wish you health, happiness and increasing success from God.

Hamed Soltaninejad

Managing Director of Iran Commodity Exchange