Nowruz message from the CEO of Iran Telecommunication Company

The breeze of Nowruz comes from Koi Yar

From this wind, ask for the light of the heart

The world of creation never stops moving. The earth does not wait for good and ideal conditions, and when the season of rejuvenation and freshness of creation arrives, whether the world is ready for this change or it is not receptive to it due to any hardship, damage, defect, chaos and conflict, nature will re-create itself. He walks and shows himself in the best and most beautiful way possible.

Nature has no choice but to be renewed in order to survive, and knows that survival is not possible except by cleansing the inside of dryness, depression and lethargy.

Humans, like nature, have an evolutionary and optimistic nature, and each of us, wherever we sit, can be the catalyst for the most effective change by realizing that evolution begins within us and that its effect is transmitted to our fellow worker, fellow worker, and fellow countryman.

A short time has passed since the presence of the new management team in Iran Telecommunication Company, and hopefully and firmly, together with all our friends, colleagues and management team, we are trying to figure out the best for the largest communication company in the Middle East.

There are various challenges and issues along the way, and a company like Iran Telecommunication, due to its vast national scope and comprehensiveness of services, creates more expectations for people and customers, and despite issues such as international sanctions and financial crises, makes every effort to change. And we use the improvement of conditions.

Our great and unique capital in this huge collection is undoubtedly our human capital. In the first step, improving the living conditions of these loved ones should be a priority, and by observing the rules and legal frameworks and according to the plans, I hope to make good changes for all loved ones.

Iran Telecommunication Company, as a company with permanent services, must be a pioneer in the development path and take more precise and fast steps in the maintenance and expansion of infrastructure. Technology has never stopped moving and we will definitely see bright and fruitful days by relying on the strength and effort and will of the youth of this large family.

In addition to providing desirable telecommunication services, the support of our dear customers and subscribers and providing after-sales services with the best level of customer orientation are definitely among our other serious duties and responsibilities in the telecommunication company.

Although these days we all in Iran and the world are struggling with an unknown and complex disease, but we will do our best to offer the best to our dear people.

In the end, while thanking and appreciating the efforts of all the colleagues of Iran Telecommunication Company who, despite the difficult conditions of the past year, worked together to provide better and appropriate services to customers; A year full of goodness, blessings, goodness and health for all of you, dear God Almighty.

Be steadfast in the shelter of the right.

Majid Soltani

Managing Director of Iran Telecommunication Company