Nowruz message of the CEO of Keshavarzi Bank

The text of the message is as follows:

Dear colleagues, dear brothers and sisters

Nowruz again; Earth Blossom Dream Season

It was as if it was only yesterday that we started the year 1399 in astonishment and fear caused by the Corona epidemic and its terrible consequences. This epidemic soon affected our lives and imposed many hardships and problems, especially in the workplace. A number of our colleagues and compatriots fell ill with this disease, and some of them passed away, and the grief of losing them still weighs heavily on our shoulders. We greet the souls of all our lost compatriots and colleagues and wish healing and recovery to all Corona patients.

Despite the difficulties and heavy dimensions of the corona, fortunately life went on, and our colleagues showed unparalleled endurance and stability in the performance of their duties and in providing banking services. As a result of this effort and perseverance of our colleagues, for the first time in the history of the bank, our deposit targets were realized at the end of December, and despite adjusting and increasing the deposit target, in the last days of the year with 112% realization of the program, the bank deposits remained. Increased by 420,000 billion. Using these resources and paying more than 720,000 billion rials in facilities and an unprecedented 36% growth in facility payments, we provided extremely good support to the agricultural sector. For example, while the projected figure at the beginning of the year for mechanization facilities was 25,000 billion rials, the bank’s payment figure in mid-March exceeded 34,000 billion rials. Also, with the payment of more than 31,000 billion rials of capital facilities, more than 940 hectares of new greenhouses were added to the level of greenhouses in the country. In order to support the guaranteed purchase of wheat, 50,000 billion rials were paid, which played a key role in the timely payment of farmers’ wheat prices. Payment of 81 thousand billion Rials working capital facilities for the production of basic products of the agricultural sector and 5.100 billion Rials facilities for the production of certified seeds are other major payments of the bank in the agricultural sector. In addition to these effective payments, two major tasks were performed in the development of new technologies in the agricultural sector, including the implementation and issuance of over 47,000 farmers’ cards and the payment of 7.4 trillion rials of fully directed facilities for the purchase of special agricultural inputs at Preferential 12% as well as design, implementation and commissioning of the market system as the largest e-commerce system in the field of trade and distribution of agricultural inputs, which in the last two years has played an important role in managing the supply and distribution of livestock inputs.

As a social mission to deal with the corona, in addition to paying more than 28,000 billion rials in facilities of 10 million rials of Qarz al-Hasna to the heads of households, to help protect the honorable people of our country by paying 1,500 billion rials in facilities We supported.

In terms of financial discipline, 1399 was a unique year and for the first time from the beginning to the last days of the year, with careful planning of payments and attracting sustainable resources, a good balance of resources and expenditures prevailed and as a result for the first time resources The bank had more expenses than expenses.

All these successes, thanks to the grace of God, as a result of your conscious and committed efforts, dear colleagues, users, experts and hard-working managers of the bank’s branches and colleagues, experts and managers of the bank in the provinces and central offices, as well as managers, deputies and members The board of directors of the bank has been obtained. While thanking God Almighty for having such diligent and good colleagues, I thank and appreciate the effective efforts of all of you.

Our only concern last year was the health and livelihood of our co-workers. In the field of maintaining the health of colleagues, good coordination was done and fortunately, the incidence of colleagues was controlled to some extent. At the same time, we all have a responsibility to protect ourselves and our families, co-workers and customers, and to prevent more people from getting the disease so that the terrible costs of coronary heart disease can be minimized.

In terms of improving the living conditions of colleagues, although we have used all tools and capacities to pay more to colleagues, but due to inflationary conditions in the country’s economy and a sharp increase in the cost of living, these payments are not sufficient and very successful in We did not have this field, however, we hope that in the coming year, better conditions will be provided for all our dear compatriots and colleagues.

Now, on the eve of the New Year, while wishing health and success to all employees, retirees and veterans of the bank, I congratulate you and your esteemed families on the New Year and the coming of Nowruz, and I wish you a happy day.

Ruhollah Khodarahmi

Agricultural Bank Public Relations