Nowruz relief 1400 Iran ‌ Khodro got the key

This project will be implemented for 16 days until the end of the 13th of Farvardin 1400, during which 1625 service centers of Isaco and Iran Khodro Relief Company will be ready to provide services to their compatriots.

The CEO of the company said: in this plan, 186 on-call agencies are ready to provide customer service. Also, the equipped rescue fleet of Iran Auto Relief, including about 1440 ambulances, autoclic (immediate service on site), rescue plus, car, motorcyclist, fixed relief base and barracks will be active in the cities and roads of the country. In addition, nearly 4,000 employees of Isaco Company, Emdad Khodro and Iran-Khodro Accountability Center will serve customers during the project during the Nowruz holidays.

Mehdi Monsan added: “Although this complex, as in previous years, is fully prepared to provide services throughout the country, with the emphasis on the Corona Anti-Corruption Headquarters, the company recommends that in order to maintain the health of themselves and their loved ones, stay at home. Benefit from on-site services.

He added: “For our compatriots who will have necessary trips or travel to low-risk areas, fixed relief bases will be present 24 hours a day on some routes and roads and will be ready to provide services.”

“Receiving services from miscellaneous relief may be risky in addition to increasing costs,” he said.

It is worth mentioning that during the Iran-Khodro Nowruz Festival, the relief fleet of this company, in addition to providing services to the owners of Iran-Khodro products, will provide services to the owners of products of other automobile companies of the country, if necessary.

Isaco Public Relations