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According to the Mehr correspondent, Ayatollah Seyyed Hassan Ameli, in a live virtual and television interview on Saturday evening, congratulated Hazrat Zeinab, peace be upon her, on the birth of a blessed and influential figure during the history of Islam and said: Hazrat Zeinab (s) It is a symbol of resistance, sacrifice, and the prodigy of wisdom and prudence, and exemplifies the eloquence and eloquence of this great lady in history. Hit And taken from science لدنی She is known for holding the unique sermons of Islam in the unique sermons of Hazrat Zainab in Kufa and Baghdad.

Representative of the Supreme Leader in the province of the pure personality and character of Hazrat Zeinab (s) He considered it as a valuable gem and a perfect model for knowing Islam and said: This devoted lady of Islam has been born and raised in a holy family and an example that both father and mother have a high position in the sight of God and is even mentioned in hadiths when she was born. This noble lady of Islam, Hazrat Gabriel, to the Holy Prophet (ص) He has come and said that God has chosen the name of Zainab over this baby due to his holy nature and clear dignity.

Ardabil Friday Imam’s resistance and piety of Hazrat Zeinab (s) He praised the incident in Karbala and the period of captivity and added: “Education in the school of Islam and following the manners and traditions of the Prophet and the Ahl al-Bayt made this noble lady strong against the adversities and bitter events of the time, and if the sacrifices and wisdom of the Imam Zainab (s) In the history of the absence of Shiite education and the formation of rulings and authorities in the period of Imam Baqir (ع) And Imam Ja’far Sadegh (ع) It did not take shape.

Nursing is a great jihad

Congratulating all nurses and medical staff on Nurse’s Day, he called these loved ones the heroes of the Crohn’s Day and said: “Nursing is a sacred and great jihadist job that God has provided to nurses, which truly describes and appreciates the sacrifices and sacrifices.” The great and continuous of these toilers in the Corona era does not come from pens and tongues.

Ayatollah Seyyed Hassan Ameli considered the best gift for the people on Nurse’s Day to be away from gatherings and all around Yalda night and added: the people of the province have helped to keep the hospital beds empty and cut the corona chain by observing the health protocols and restrictions announced by the National Corona Headquarters. And by doing so, they owe their religion to the nurses and medical staff گر To pay.

Failure to follow health protocols is a waste of human rights

The representative of the Supreme Leader in Ardabil province stated: on the night of Yalda this year, even if one person does not comply, he will transmit Coronavirus disease to several other people, and this chain of transmission has increased the number of patients day by day. People Is written.

In another part of his speech, the Friday Imam of Ardabil praised the efforts of the province’s benefactors and benefactors in eliminating deprivation and helping the needy in the province during the Corona and added: “Many hadiths say that if a believer takes the hand of another believer, God will help him.” گر He will be, and in the current situation where many people are struggling with financial and economic problems, he will think about it and we will pack a baggage for our hereafter.