Nurses’ demands are followed up ILNA News Agency

The nurses' demands are followed up

The governor of Hamedan, appreciating the valuable services of the medical staff to deal with the coronavirus, said: “The demands and requests of the nursing community of this province, especially in the field of housing, will be followed up.”

According to ILNA from Hamedan, Saeed Shahrokhi on Saturday in the ceremony of honoring the nurses of Hamedan province, which was held on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Hazrat Zeinab Kobra (PBUH) and Nurse’s Day, said: One of the main demands of the nursing community is to have housing in In this regard, the ground for their registration in the National Housing Action Plan is provided.

He added: The officials of the nursing field should provide the list of qualified people to the custodians of this field so that if there are any restrictions and obstacles for registering in this national plan, they will be removed in a correspondence with Tehran.

The Governor of Hamedan congratulated the birth of Hazrat Zeinab (PBUH) and Nurse’s Day and said: Hazrat Zeinab (PBUH) is a symbol of a devoted, brave and valuable woman in the history of Islam and humanity and she is named as the great nurse of history for nursing and guiding the survivors of Karbala events. Took.

Shahrokhi added: The nursing community of Hamedan province during the outbreak of Corona virus did great work against the virus and treatment of the disease and in this way about a thousand of them became infected with this disease.

He continued: “The role of the nursing system in the health care process is very effective and important, and they play a key and important role not only during the outbreak of corona in the world and in Iran, but also during the service period.”

The governor of Hamedan added: “Also, the role of nurses in coping and treatment of coronary is much more colorful than other medical staff, but this does not mean denying the services of other departments, but the care of post-treatment care is the responsibility of nurses, which is very difficult and It is exhausting.

Shahrokhi said: “If it were not for the careful and exhausting efforts of the nursing staff, the treatment process would not have been successful, so the role of nurses in dealing with this virus is very prominent and deserves appreciation.”

“People appreciate the efforts of all health personnel and staff,” he said. They showed sacrifice.

The governor of Hamedan stated: All this courage, self-sacrifice and self-sacrifice in the way of God can not be compensated by any material criteria because the nurses risked their lives, even due to the transmission of infection inside the house, their family members are also safe from disease. They were not.

Shahrokhi reminded: “As we witnessed the peak of selflessness and sacrifice of the warriors during the holy defense, during the corona outbreak, the health and medical staff, especially the dedicated and conscious nurses, sacrifice their lives and give hope and health to the patient.”

He added: “According to the latest findings and available statistics, the trend of coronary heart disease has been declining and promising by creating restrictions from the beginning of December, people’s cooperation and seriousness and following up the University of Medical Sciences and health staff.”

The governor of Hamedan called on the people to continue to follow the health protocols and said: announcing the process of reducing the corona does not mean shortening the virus, but in order to continue reducing the number of hospitalizations, deaths and hospital admissions, the observance of health protocols should continue.