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According to the Mehr reporter, the outbreak of Corona virus has affected the whole world and Mahak Hospital is no exception to this rule. At present, the nurses of this hospital, in addition to trying to treat children with cancer, try to keep themselves and patients safe in the face of the outbreak of the coronavirus and work with doctors, psychologists and social workers to test in these difficult days to treat children with cancer Do not stop cancer.

Talking to children and communicating effectively with them while injecting medicine and doing therapeutic work is an art that comes from their hearts and travels to and from Mahak Hospital.

On the occasion of Nurse’s Day, we talked to two of these nurses to appreciate their activities in the current situation, to describe the atmosphere of these days of the specialized pediatric cancer hospital.

منصوره دشتی از Supervisors Mahak Hospital has long spent most of its days and nights with children with cancer. Before anything else, he mentions the difficulty of fighting cancer along with fighting the non-spread of another disease called coronary heart disease. What he does with hospitalized children in hospital wards and their families.

“Before the corona outbreak, we used to see the faces of some of our children behind masks because their immunity is low and they have to wear masks as long as they are taking medication and receiving treatment,” he said. After the corona outbreak, we all have face masks. Now we must learn to smile with our eyes like little cancer fighters.

Dashti continues: Nursing children with cancer is difficult and everyone needs love and patience to do so. In this job, one must empathize with the child and his family and understand their pain and suffering, especially these days when the outbreak of corona has also affected the treatment of cancer.

He added: “With the measures taken in the trial, a great deal of effort has been made to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in the hospital so that families can think more easily about treating their child’s disease because we all know it is impossible to interrupt the cancer treatment process.” .

Supervisor Mahak Hospital continued by expressing the measures taken from the first hour of the outbreak of coronavirus in the country in Mahak and the hospital, said: “Considering that the immunity of children with cancer is low and جزو High-risk groups are considered to have coronary heart disease. From the moment it was announced that coronary heart disease was observed in the country, it started testing health protocols and tried to address the concerns and worries of children treated in this hospital and their families by following health protocols. In addition to providing medical and support services, reduce in accordance with the current situation. Measures such as continuous disinfection of all wards, requiring the use of masks for all people entering the hospital, restricting unnecessary visits to the hospital, reducing the number of unnecessary visits, limiting the attendance of patient companions, and the access of medical staff to other corona prevention equipment. In line with their duties, the regular visit of the medical staff and the introduction of suspected cases of coronary heart disease to a specialist doctor in Mahak Hospital, which is seen almost everywhere today, started from the very first days in Mahak and has been very helpful during these days.

Creating motivation and hope in children with cancer

Setareh Torabi, the head nurse of Mahak Hospital, believes that communicating with children with cancer and their families in all situations requires love and kindness. Especially since the global health crisis has raised concerns among families with children with cancer.

“Nurses’ association with psychologists,” he says مددکارای Social is one of the most important ways to motivate and hope for children who will be part of the bright future of this land so that they can experience a higher quality of life through the difficult days of treatment.

“Understanding the family situation of children with cancer is one of the most important things that every nurse should pay attention to when treating their children,” Torabi said. “For families struggling with their child’s illness, only empathy, empathy, mutual understanding, and trust.” And making sure the best treatments are done can be a new impetus for fighting cancer.

He describes accompanying the little heroes of the fight against cancer with both joy and sorrow, adding: “You should know that it is not only nurses and medical staff who can play a role in improving the quality of life of these children.” Rather, children with their sweet tongues and beautiful memories that they record in our minds make us go through the most difficult days that we face because of our job without feeling tired.

Invite all sections of society to fight the disease
Mahak, Dashti and Torabi nurses, like all nurses these days, have a common word with the Iranian people. They believe that while the whole world is going through difficult days to fight the disease and some, like the children of Mahak, are battling cancer in addition to Corona, it is only by following health protocols, wearing a mask and maintaining social distance that can be done in the distant future. The disease was hopeful. In this case, the extra pressure on doctors, nurses and all medical staff these days is also managed, and this is the greatest appreciation of the medical staff these days.

We hope that in the near future, the disease will be removed from our world and we will be able to see the return of health to the body and soul of children with cancer along with all members of the large family.