Obstacles to Trump re-entering the White House

Esfandiar Khodaei in connection with that Trump What will he do after leaving the White House, given that it has been announced that he will run in the next US presidential election in 2024, and some experts predict that Trump will probably create a “shadow government”? He said: “Political power has a fugitive nature and is like a slippery fish, and when it is lost, it is very difficult to regain it.”

Trump has lost power and is now making claims that he will return to the White House in four years, for example, while the realization of this issue depends on various factors.

He continued: “Trump will be four years older, new events will take place in the American political arena and in the international arena, and new rivals in the American political arena against Trump will probably appear.”

Khodaei added: “Now the Republican Party discourse is a kind of supporter of Trump, but it is not clear whether this support will continue in the next four years, right?” Because of the changing circumstances, Republicans may also change their discourse and perspective.

“On the other hand, we have to see how Biden will perform over the next four years and who will be the Democratic candidate in the 2024 election,” he said. New Democrats may come to power, and Democrats may overtake the old president and put a new face on his Republican rival.

Emphasizing that Trump’s high vote in the 2020 election is a winning card for him, Khodai noted that others and rivals may have more valuable cards against Trump. On the other hand, over time, some Trump supporters may realize his wrongdoing and no longer support him. Trump won a landslide victory in this election, but it should also be noted that he faces serious criticism within American society, as well as the Republican and Democratic parties.

He went on to say that Trump is still trying to keep in touch with his supporters through his Twitter account and express his views on various issues: “This issue also has material benefits for Trump.” During the protest against the results of the presidential election, he was able to raise good money from the American people to advance his protests, and he will probably use these resources for propaganda and a serious presence in the American political arena, and he will continue his comments on various issues.

“Trump is trying to maintain the leadership of the Republican Party, but given that he is a failed president, he is unlikely to succeed,” he said. He is likely to face more serious and powerful rivals in the Republican Party in the future, and this will create challenges for him.

Khodaei said: Trump is still trying to be a newsmaker, but gradually his presence in this field will diminish over time.