Obtaining international certifications and integrated management system by Zobahan Employees Consumption Cooperative

Isfahan Steel Employees Consumption Cooperative for the first time succeeded in receiving international certificates and integrated management system including ISO 14001 (environmental management system), ISO 45001 (occupational and safety management system) and ISO 9001 (quality management).

According to the economic observation and quoting the public relations of Isfahan Steel, Amin Ghanbari, CEO of this cooperative, while stating the above news, said: One of the advantages of receiving ISO certificates by Isfahan Steel Consumer Cooperative is that it complies with international standards. And ultimately create quality, trust and confidence in the goods and services provided to shareholders.

He added: “According to the relevant standards and international certifications, a set of programs will be developed with the aim of reducing costs and eliminating mistakes and increasing productivity.”

Regarding the environmental certification, the CEO of the Consumer Cooperative said: “This company fully complies with all the requirements related to the safety and occupational health of its employees, as well as the requirements related to the environment.”

He stated that the existence of an ASC share between these three standards has reduced parallel costs and rework and has increased productivity.

Ghanbari mentioned the other benefits of these certificates to reduce accidents in the workplace and increase the provision of better services and motivate employees and a safe, ideal environment, identify and evaluate bottlenecks and reduce waste and proper waste management and said: this certificate International companies have helped to gain access to new markets such as online stores soon and gain the trust of customers and buyers.

He added: “In fact, the purpose of issuing and implementing this certificate is to create sufficient confidence in its employees and shareholders by providing a purposeful method based on the necessary standards.”

The CEO of the Consumer Cooperative stated: “Since this cooperative is actively involved in various projects of the factory, it is responsible for the occupational health and safety of workers and other people under its activity, and strives to promote and protect their physical and mental health.” In fact, these standards provide a management system that helps eliminate and minimize risks by creating appropriate safe and healthy workplaces.