Offering special discounts on short-term university jihad training courses to the nursing community and medical staff

According to Borna Azarbayjan-e-Gharbi, Amin Rostamzadeh stated: On the occasion of Nurse’s Day and the protection and honoring of the efforts of health defenders during the Crohn’s days who demonstrated jihad in the field of health, short-term training courses with special discounts for nurses and health staff will provide.

He added: “Short-term foreign language training courses with a 50% discount and computer courses with a 30% discount will be offered for nurses and their first-degree family members for the winter semester.”

The head of the University Jihad of West Azerbaijan said: “With the outbreak of the Corona virus at the end of last year, Jihad-e-Daneshgahi education not only did not stop, but also took on new dimensions and expanded.” Software and software The provision of virtual training took on a new and new manifestation of the jihadist management and efforts of academic jihadists.

He said: For more information, interested parties can go to the address of Urmia – Shahid Amini St. – University Jihad Education Building or to other branches of University Jihad (Panjrah Branch – Azadegan Branch – North First Branch in Urmia and Mako and Khoy University Jihad Branches) Please refer to 33456286 and 32359478.