Oil must be removed from the 1400 budget / Fars is on the third paper

ISNA / Fars The representative of the people of Shiraz and Zarghan in the Islamic Consultative Assembly called for the removal of oil from the 1400 budget and said: two budgets should be foreseen, one of which should be adjusted with the view that oil will not be sold at all and instead of oil budgets, companies and organizations budget The government should be reduced under the supervision of the parliament.

In an interview with ISNA, Alireza Pakfatrat said that the budget bill has some shortcomings, which will probably be rejected in general to correct the shortcomings. “Some economists believe that 5% of the government’s regulatory budget will not be realized next year,” he said.

He added that no effort was made to set the budget and not much time was added, adding that the sources of income identified in this are very optimistic.

The representative of the people of Shiraz and Zarghan in the Islamic Consultative Assembly continued: The budget also provided resources, many of which did not materialize, and this year the government was forced to compensate for some deficits by selling bonds and borrowing from the Central Bank.

Pakfatrat pointed out: The government’s solution solution led to an increase in inflation of more than 40%, a decrease in the strength of the national currency and a large increase in liquidity, and therefore, if next year’s budget is approved in the same way, we will see more inflation than current inflation.

Increasing Fars budget is written on paper and allocations are important

He added: “It is said that Fars is the third province in the budget distribution next year. It should be said that these distributions in the budget bill are only on paper and it is important that the government writes the budget, but in the allocations, unfortunately, it acts differently and sometimes announces the allocation.” They do, but a small percentage of it is paid.

Emphasizing that we should not be too lucky to say that our province is in the first ranks of budget distribution, a member of the Civil Commission of the Islamic Consultative Assembly said: “It is important to see how much we can allocate funds for development projects during the year.”

Pakfatrat pointed out: The assessment of the situation of the provinces should be done with criteria such as; Assess employment status and infrastructure projects, roads and other issues.

He said: Fars was one of the middle provinces in allocating the budget in the year 1, which I think will be the same next year.

The representative of the people of Shiraz and Zarghan in the Islamic Consultative Assembly also referred to the construction budget envisaged for Fars and said that this budget is not enough to complete the semi-finished projects. He said: “Maybe 5% of the semi-finished construction projects with this Do not run out of budget.

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