On the night of Yalda, let us not gather around each other so that we do not diminish; We do not have a red city in the country

Hojjatoleslam Hassan Rouhani, President of the Republic, in today’s meeting (Saturday, December 20) of the National Headquarters against Corona, while congratulating Hazrat Zainab (PBUH) on her happy birthday and Nurse’s Day, said: “We thank our dear nurses who carry a heavy burden.”

He added: “We ask people to celebrate Yalda night because it coincides with Nurse’s Day and to support nurses and the health of our people, especially those who are most at risk, in the Yalda religion, which has always been based on respect for the extended family.” And it has been a mercy for them to maintain the great health of the family, to change this view, visits and periods this year, and to perform this ceremony without attending by phone and cyberspace. These days, the phrase “do not gather to not be reduced” has become common in cyberspace; These gatherings cause us to lose a loved one, God forbid, and cause us constant regret.

Regarding the situation of the country’s cities, the President said: “Today, we do not have a red city in the country, and this has been due to the cooperation of the people.”

Rouhani said: “The people, the government, the medical staff and all the forces that took the burden of responsibility hand in hand, and it was the unity, empathy and trust of the people in the country’s health expertise that saved us from the wave of this disease.” Looking at the statistics and charts almost everywhere, the third wave was more than the previous wave; The virus had gotten stronger and we were on our way to the cold. The cold weather is effective, and because the doors and windows are closed and everyone gathers in a confined environment, the problems increase and a lot of work has been done during this time. We thank the people for following the health protocols, and we also thank the forces that were on the scene and tried.

He added: “The medical staff have had the highest share in this struggle and we are grateful to these loved ones;” We thank all those who worked in the corona for the growth and economy of the country, including farmers, workers, engineers, industry and agriculture. In the first six months of this year, economic growth with oil and without oil was positive, and our economic growth without oil 1.4 and with oil 1.3 in these difficult conditions is one of the great honors for our nation, while some businesses have closed or failed to operate. Especially in the tourism and services sector, but at the same time other sectors such as the industry and agriculture sectors have come to the fore, and this is very honorable. While most countries are experiencing negative economic growth of 7-5, 5-9, countries with positive economic growth are limited, and we are one of the countries whose economic growth has been positive in the first half of this year despite the problems of sanctions, economic war and corona.

“We hope that the positive economic growth will continue in the second half of the year, and our calculations show that our economic growth is positive this year and we will have better economic growth next year,” he said. God willing, we will be able to control and control inflation in the field of inflation, and we will be able to provide valuable services in the field of employment.

Rouhani said: “We thank the Department of Education, Higher Education and all those who work for education, and our teachers and professors, if face-to-face training was not possible, made a great effort through cyberspace and through radio and television.” And they did not allow our children to be deprived of education and science and culture. However, the first and second grades of primary school face problems when there is no face-to-face education, and today one of the issues discussed in this meeting was to take steps for the first and second grades of primary school, which was postponed to the next two weeks. The headquarters of the headquarters should conduct further investigation in this regard.

He added: “We appreciate those who tried to provide livelihood assistance to those who do not have a fixed salary, and we have always sought help from people who have a fixed salary.” This time we are looking for those who do not have a fixed salary and have to work daily to be able to support themselves and these people could not work due to coronary conditions, we tried to provide a living allowance for these people for four months for each family. Of course, we were going to pay 100,000 Tomans for each family member, and the Islamic Consultative Assembly also had a resolution according to which it had set 120,000 Tomans for some of these people, and we, with the coordination of the Assembly, combined this resolution with those set by the Assembly. It was like people under the auspices of the Relief and Welfare Committee to receive 120,000 Tomans each and the rest 100,000 Tomans.

The President also noted: the installment related to December has been paid and the other three installments will be paid by the end of the year. We also had regulatory problems due to the integration of the government’s plan with the parliament’s resolution, which we amended in today’s session.

“Our situation is such that faithful help must be developed and continued in these circumstances,” he said. .

Regarding the days of mourning for the martyrdom of Hazrat Fatemeh Zahra (AS) and the days of Fatimids, the President said: “In this regard, it was decided that the headquarters of the headquarters will hold a meeting to mourn the first Fatimids and the second Fatimids within the framework of rules and protocols.”

Rouhani further said about the country’s employment test: “In this regard, and for the participation of 100,000 people in this test, we had approvals on how to hold this job.”

He also said: “Those who are working against Iran, get angry once again and of course every time they get angry and I am happy that we make them angry.” Free water, electricity and gas have been our aspirations for the people for the past 42 years; We now have the upper hand in the electricity industry and we will add 20,000 MW to electricity by the end of this government. Electricity is free for people who do not have good living conditions and do not consume much, and 30 million people will use free electricity and free gas this month. Exceptional steps have been taken in the field of water in this government, and we are taking the water of the Persian Gulf and the Sea of ​​Oman to the Central Plateau, and the first part of this project was inaugurated and the next phases are underway. Unprecedented work has been done in the field of water in this government, and we have opened a dam every 50 days, and the openings will continue.

The president continued: “I know how angry those who are against Iran and who are propagandizing are free from the water, electricity and gas plan, and I saw how greedily they say, ‘Why did the government do this and why did it become free?’ The enemies do not want to believe in the progress of the country. If we succeed in the fields of corona, corona vaccine production and great self-sufficiency, they will still not believe that we are moving in the direction of self-sufficiency and development in many areas. This year, which is the year of production leap, very good and great work has been done and will be done in the field of production.

Rouhani reminded: “Today, there is no city in the country with a red situation, and this does not mean that these conditions are stable and permanent.” If, God forbid, we do not take care of and ignore the health regulations, it will happen again, of course, some things became famous, for example, the mask became famous, and today all people pay attention to this famous and if one does not use a mask, They also command the famous. Meetings and periods are denied, and of course this issue has been observed a lot and people pay attention and do it.

“We have to take care of the elderly and those with underlying diseases, and everyone in their family should take care of these people,” he said. Those who find out that they have been infected and tested positive, must observe 2 weeks of quarantine and not be in the community. Penalties should be imposed on those who test positive and come to the community. People who feel that they have symptoms of the disease should also go to the doctor and the hospital so that we do not get into trouble.

The President concluded: “We reiterate that rallies are a big problem; Even in family epochs, care must be taken not to do so that we can cross this wave and not have another leading wave.