Opening secondary transactions of government Murabaha bonds in OTC without fluctuation range

News ID 100396

۱۳۹۹/۱۰/۰۱ ۱۱:۲۷:۲۵

In the OTC market of new financial instruments in Iran, today, government Murabaha bonds are opened after underwriting in order to start secondary transactions, without limiting the range of price fluctuations.

According to the economic news site, the mentioned securities are traded in 16-month trading symbol (Arad 511) at 15% annual rate, in 26-month trading symbol (Arad 521) at 16% annual rate, in 26-month trading symbol (Arad 541) at 16% annual rate and in The trading symbols (Arad 591), (Arad 611) and (Arad 631) will be 48 months old with an annual rate of 18% until maturity.

Volume limit (maximum number of securities per order) is 25,000 securities.

These securities also have special conditions and do not have a market, and its settlement and clearing is in the form of T + 1. / Senate