Opens school education?

According to reports EconomyOnline Quoted from Hamshahri, Education They are tied to the lives of most Iranian families, and if families do not have children of school age, there must be people around them who follow the news of the school year very carefully for the sake of their children and share it with others.

These days, the absence of schools due to Corona has doubled the importance of this ministry and its decisions, and any news about schools has been at the top of the news; This is partly due to the extent of education and training, and partly due to the marginal decisions of the ministry during the Crohn’s period. The reopening or resumption of absenteeism is a controversial issue in the education decision-making system, and every now and then the news of the reopening of schools is followed by a wave of protest. The approach of the first semester exams of schools has caused the disagreements about the activities of schools to intensify again in the last month, and some people talk about the possibility of reopening and holding school exams in person, and some insist on the need to close schools in coronary conditions.

What do the officials say?

Mohsen Hajir Mirzaei, as the Minister of Education, emphasized the face-to-face education of the students from the very first days of Corona and repeated this speech many times, such as the day he met with the president and members of the board. farhangian University “The easiest way to deal with the coronavirus is to say that training is unnecessary and that we need to be aware of the harms of distance education,” he said. “We put the principle on face-to-face training.” This view forms the mainstay of the management view of education during the Corona, and therefore it was not far from the mind that despite the high death toll of the Corona, the Minister of Education on the 8th of Azar, the day when 391 people died due to Corona, the need to hold exams. “Our preference is face-to-face training,” he said. The principle is to hold exams in person, because once we are in contact with the virtual student, we must know how much he has learned from the lesson, so the exam is in person, unless we encounter a situation during exams that health professionals do not allow this. . » Such remarks by the Minister of Education raised speculation about the reopening of schools; This incident eventually forced education to deny any news of the reopening of schools by issuing announcements. Although the Ministry of Education tried to deny the news of the reopening of schools, which originated from the Minister’s words, but a few days later – December 13 – the Minister of Education said in a meeting with the head of the National Inspection Agency: Because global studies do not confirm that the reopening of schools has an effect on the prevalence of coronary heart disease; “Also, in some grades, such as elementary school, distance learning is not the answer.”

Following the various talks of education officials to hold the school exam in person, Rezvan Hakimzadeh, the Deputy Minister of Primary Education, also announced the special conditions for holding the first and second elementary school exams. According to him, “from the first and second grade students in Persian and mathematics courses, the performance test is performed in person at the school by grouping the students and observing the health procedures.” The Deputy Minister of Primary Education also stated that he had corresponded with the Ministry of Health: “We have announced that in order to ensure the proper learning of first and second grade students who are at the beginning of their studies, they must evaluate the level of learning, especially learning the alphabet. be done. Given the situation we are currently in, based on the measures that have been considered, in cooperation with the Deputy of Physical Education and Health Education, we try to have students in small groups in the first and second grades by implementing strict protocols, but in these two courses face-to-face performance evaluation. “We will have students.”

Khosrow Saki, head of the Quality Assessment and Monitoring Center of the Ministry of Education, on the last day of December, relying on the circular on evaluating the academic and training progress of the courses, announced that holding first and second grade elementary exams in the yellow areas with written permission from the Management and Control Working Group. Coronary heart disease is possible by following health procedures. A review of the talks and announcements of education shows that there is a continuation of one roof and two airs of this ministry in the issue of reopening schools.

Procedures for exams

The approach of the exams in January caused the Ministry of Education to publish a method for holding exams for all levels of education.

According to this method, the exam of the first and second grade students in Persian (reading and writing) and mathematics courses is done in person and with the grouping of students and full observance of health procedures. It is also planned to “evaluate the technical competency courses of the technical and professional branches and the skill standards of the vocational branch and the internship and internship courses, in a compact and face-to-face manner, in full compliance with the health procedures.” In another part of this handbook, reference is made to the final exams of the 12th grade students of the second day of the secondary school, adults, distance education and free volunteers, theoretical branch, pre-university, art, technical, vocational, semester-unit (adults “The academic year 1399-1400 begins on the 15th of December as” in person “and ends on the 8th of Bahman.”

Waiting for the decision of the Corona National Headquarters

The issue of getting permission for education from health professionals was a point made by Alireza Ra’isi, spokesman for the National Corona Anti-Corruption Headquarters. On the 20th day of December, when Corona was declining due to tighter restrictions and the death toll had risen to 175, he announced that the school exams would be held in person. “The task of reopening the schools will be determined by next week,” said a spokesman for the National Corona Headquarters. It was also suggested that schools be reopened for the first and second grades of elementary school in the Orange and Yellow Cities so that these students could attend classes in person. This debate has its pros and cons that will be decided in this regard. Virtual education has not been shut down and no licenses have been issued by the Corona National Headquarters. “School exams need to be licensed to be held in accordance with health regulations.”

Limited face-to-face exam, for fear of parental exam fraud

Although the Ministry of Education has published guidelines for conducting school examinations, schools do not follow a single guideline due to the fragile conditions of the Corona and the non-final decision of the National Corona Headquarters.

Meanwhile, the insistence on holding face-to-face exams for first and second grade students, considering that these students are less able to follow the protocols, has created a new wave of concern for the students’ parents. “It is not yet clear what will happen to the first and second grade elementary school students’ exams, but we try to keep the exams in absentia,” said Reyhaneh, who teaches at an elementary school in Tehran. “Only students who are very poor in class and whose parents are suspected of cheating them on answering exam questions will come to school for the face-to-face exam.” According to the teacher, the procedure should not be implemented in general, and it is better to leave the final decision to the teacher and the school, because “just a few sessions in schools may spread the disease.” He explained about the education instructions: “A text message was sent to the principal of our school and in this message it is stated that the first round face-to-face exam for the first and second grades is not mandatory and is optional according to the follow-up done by the general administration. “If a manager is going to take an in-person exam, he or she must obtain written permission from the department.” As this second grade teacher explains, most families have welcomed the exam online, but there are some families who still insist on attending; “One of our colleagues has a problem with the families, because some of the parents of the students in this teacher’s class only take the online exam, and some do not go through the online exam and say that we will send our children to school anyway.” Among all these comments, many consider the final decision to be subject to the order of the National Corona Headquarters, but based on the statements and hearings of this teacher and his colleagues, it is not possible to order the reopening of schools with a general order.