Organizing crowds in front of the governor’s office

Eghtesadnews: The head of public relations of Tehran governorate announced: Tomorrow, Wednesday, with the presence of the relevant officials and some agencies, a decision will be made to organize the crowd of applicants for permission to leave Tehran.

According to Eghtesadnews, quoting IRNA, Iman Ghorbani said on Tuesday about the reason for the crowd in front of the Tehran governor’s office and the non-observance of social distance among the applicants to leave Tehran: “Tomorrow a meeting will be held to review and present a solution to manage this situation.” .

He added: Applicants leaving Tehran to obtain a license and not be fined on intercity routes must refer to the Tehran governor’s office with their license plates with the reasons for leaving.

In recent days, the increase in the number of applicants and the gathering of applicants in the Tehran governor’s office has led to protests.

Currently, the only body in charge of issuing exit permits from Tehran province is the Tehran governor’s office, which has caused a crowd in front of this institution.

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