Parliament should not oversee the work of ministers / The government and parliament do not have a common understanding of the constitution

According to reports EconomyOnline“Our constitution is one of the most notable laws in the world and we can be proud of it,” said President Hassan Rouhani at a meeting of constitutional and civil rights this morning (Monday). “This law has clear and modern principles, but unfortunately it is understood. We are not one of the constitution, of course, it is predicted which institution is responsible for interpreting the constitution.

Rouhani said: the government and the parliament do not have a common understanding of the constitution. For example, some members of parliament say that we should monitor the work of ministers, while according to the law, only the president can monitor the work of ministers.

He added: “We do not have a place where the parliament wants to monitor, of course, if Dahh needs questions and questions, he can do it, but we do not have anything in the constitution that the parliament can monitor the work of ministers.”

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