Parliamentary plan to change the status of corporate and contract nurses

Parliamentary plan to change the status of corporate and contract nurses

According to reports Economy “Mohammad Saleh Jokar” congratulated Nurses’ Day and pointed out that nurses risk their lives in the most difficult conditions to protect and safeguard the health of the people, said: “Paying attention to nurses should not be limited to just one day congratulations And all officials should work to solve the problems of this hard-working and self-sacrificing class.

He added: “Considering the numerous problems that corporate and contract nurses face, the members of parliament have presented a plan to change the situation of these loved ones to the speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly.”

The representative of the people of Yazd and Ashkzar in the Islamic Consultative Assembly stated: “According to this plan, two urgent requests have been requested in order to honor the position of dear nurses and appreciate their tireless efforts and sacrifices, especially in the serious fight against Quid 19 (Corona) virus.” That corporate nurses become contractors and contract nurses become contractors.

According to ISNA and quoting the office of the Yazd People’s Representative, the head of the Internal Affairs Commission and the councils of the Islamic Consultative Assembly pointed out: In this plan, it is stated that the resources for the project will be provided in the 1400 budget with the cooperation of the government.

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